Most popular petitions in India in 2010

  • Country: India
  • Language: English
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We Want YaRa aka Raj and Priya in PKYEK

    YaRa aka Priya Wal and Raj Singh Arora created MAGIC in the path breaking show Remix. They truly truly truly rocked remix as Ashi Yuvi and became the VERY face of love for many many of us. YaRa for us are not any onscreen, celebrity couple...they are part of our lifee and having them together again is like a dream! They have been our hope and faith in the darkest times...just a mere sight of them would be enough for us to feel that dawn is breaking. sun is rising and a new brand new day is

Created: 2010-10-18 Statistics

Right to use sign language in educational programmes

  World Federation of the Deaf is calling individuals to sign this petition, New Era Document, which rejects the resolutions of the 1880 Milan Congress that banned the use of sign language from educational programmes for deaf children. This is a call upon all nations and people of the world to remember history and ensure that educational programmes accept and respect all languages, including sign languages, and all forms of communication. The New Era Document was first presented and signed by hu

Created: 2010-09-17 Statistics

v dont wan mjht to end so soon !!! v loveeeeeeeeeeee mjht !!!

hey guys v dont wan mjht 2 come to an end so soon .............sign dis petition so that star1 guys will know wat v fans wan 4m dem ......

Created: 2010-10-20 Statistics

plez dont end mjht otherwise mjht fans will die

we dont want mjht to end...sajan n mayur r our heart beat n breath how can we live widout them....plez ceo of star one dont end mjht.......THEY ARE OUR LIFE..WE DIE WIDOUT THEM....

Created: 2010-11-06 Statistics

1010101010 Lights Out

Dear friend of the environment,On the subject of global warming, there have been recent trends to hide the imminent threat it poses to us and in fact, several attempts have been made to convince the people that such a problem does not even exist. The reasons behind such propaganda vary, depending on the industry as well as the ulterior motives of the naysayers.On the 10th of October, 2010 at 10pm for 10 minutes we are announcing a statement of intent - a public display of unison when people swit

Created: 2010-09-23 Statistics

Michael Jackson fans unite against some tracks from the new "Michael" album

A lot of Michael Jackson fan-clubs around the world have come together to ask the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music to remove from the forthcoming "Michael" album the tracks produced with or by the Cascio brothers. The international Michael Jackson fan community strongly feel that a new Michael Jackson album should not include songs that they feel are not Michael's. The overwhelming response that we, fan-clubs, have received from our members expressing doubts over the Cascio tracks should

Created: 2010-11-12 Statistics

Lironi ariun! Release the bear!

(English version below the Albanian text)   Shiko videon! Watch the video!    Pronarit të Restorantit Vjosa: Kam parë këto imazhe të tmerrshme të një ariu që mbahet në kafaz në restorantin tuaj. Ai mbahet në kushte të mjerueshme dhe degraduese për arsye të pakuptueshme. Në fakt, vuajtjet e tij mund të shihen qartë përmes fotografive dhe videos së postuar në internet. Njeriu nuk mund të kënaqet në restorantin tuaj duke parë në të njëjtën kohë këtë kafshë të pafajshme që vuan në kushte kaq mizore

Created: 2010-11-25 Statistics

SRILANKA: A Genocide & War Crime Country

  People from across the globe are condemning the Human rights violations of Srilankan government. And civilized society is fighting hard to establish the justice to the tamils. Killing of nearly 1,40,000 innocents, war crimes, ongoing slaughter on the journalists, moderates, reformists, artists and having opposition leader behind the bars make the Srilanka as a criminal and a failed state. LIST OF FEW EVIDENCES: People's Permanent Tribunal found Srilanka guilty of war crimes and Genocide. UN's

Created: 2010-09-02 Statistics