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Safety Measures At Vaitarna Dam After Fatalties

75 Created: 2024-06-07 Statistics

Petition to conduct NEET once again this year (2024)

33 Created: 2024-06-06 Statistics

To stop cutting down trees in Dhanbad - Tundi area

8 Created: 2024-05-22 Statistics

Protest against the Allotment of Hostel on the CGPA basis

64 Created: 2024-05-20 Statistics

Petition for Making Compulsory for Doctors to explain the reason behind the patient Organs disorder and illness to the family

6 Created: 2024-05-17 Statistics

Save Hanuman Temple@Jersey City

352 Created: 2024-05-14 Statistics


34 Created: 2024-05-11 Statistics

To revoke the decision to refund only half of the caution deposit paid by students of 2019 and 2018 batch.

105 Created: 2024-04-26 Statistics

Demand for lowering the college fees

587 Created: 2024-04-25 Statistics

To Ensure Free Fare and Transparent Elections

5 Created: 2024-04-25 Statistics

Petition to Refund Money for the Jio fiber services we were promised but never received

18 Created: 2024-04-20 Statistics

Save the Kids from Heat

8 Created: 2024-04-19 Statistics

A fast track court to award death sentence to Neha Hiremath murderer

10 Created: 2024-04-18 Statistics


20 Created: 2024-04-18 Statistics

Urgent Action Needed: Shift College Lectures to Mornings or Online Due to Severe Heat Waves

43 Created: 2024-04-17 Statistics

Adaptation of "Robber x Lover" into an Anime Series

44 Created: 2024-04-16 Statistics

Allow Throw-bowling for RCB

15 Created: 2024-04-15 Statistics

सण-सोहळे-उत्सव-वाढदिवस-जयंत्या चार भिंतींच्या आत साजरे करण्याबाबत

18 Created: 2024-04-15 Statistics

Inclusivity on Instagram

15 Created: 2024-04-09 Statistics

Aahir Ivaan wants a dog

7 Created: 2024-04-01 Statistics