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Fight to retain weekly bin collection in Maitland

Maitland Mayor Loretta Baker (ALP), Deputy Ben Mitchell, Cr Ranadive and all Labor Clrs voted 28/4/21 to change the red bin collection to be fortnightly. The Penfold Independent team, plus Clr Halliday and Clr Griffin opposed it though lacked numbers. From 2024 the green bin will allow collection of food organics and be collected weekly. The red bin collection frequency is now resolved to change at that time. 

Created: 2021-04-27

Time period All countries Australia
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2021 1156 1156

Change in IDAS setup on Isuzu DMAX

As an owner of the new Isuzu DMAX I am seriously concerned as to potential safety issues with the new IDAS system. Personally myself with my family have had multiple instances where the IDAS system has activated and as a result almost caused serious motor vehicle accidents with potentially fatal outcomes. The system while functioning as it was designed, is not designed well for varying road conditions both expected and unexpected including road surfaces, lane narrowing, traffic with other vehicl

Created: 2021-04-28

Time period All countries Australia
All time 632 628
2021 632 628

In Support of Academic Freedom of Expression and Critical Thought

We believe in upholding the democratic values of freedom of speech, thought, and expression. We view Academic freedom of expression in universities as paramount to the process of higher education and empirically-grounded research. The suppression of opposing views stifles critical thought and debate, which are incredibly important parts of a university education and should be promoted and encouraged in both students and staff. We strongly oppose the idea that Academic Freedom should only apply

Created: 2021-02-27

Time period All countries Australia
All time 1030 534
2021 1028 534


PLEASE STATE NAME, ADDRESS & CONTACT NUMBER in comments to be in accordance with Northern Beaches council requirements of petitions and DONT FORGET to check inbox after signing to validate your signature. We need you, Avalon Beach needs you, we need 10,000 signatures TARGET 10,000 signatures  ReasonCouncil is Proposing Medium Density Apartments in a 1km radius of Avalon & Newport and high density in Mona Vale. They say this will provide diversity and affordability of housing to locals in

Created: 2021-02-25

Time period All countries Australia
All time 365 365
2021 365 365

Investigate the Dunoon Dam as an option to guarantee water supply.

Our water supply is inadequate for the current population. A water supply guarantee for the next 80 years is required. The Dunoon Dam, aquifers, desalination, and toilet to tap recycled water options require further investigation. A whole of life comparison considering the financial, environmental, cultural & social impacts of each option to the year 2100 must be undertaken. I SUPPORT INVESTIGATING THE DUNOON DAM AS AN OPTION.

Created: 2021-02-11

Time period All countries Australia
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2021 182 182

Save Kurshonbrooke Lodge

In signing this petition, I, the undersigned, expressly offer my full support for Kurshonbrooke Lodge, and wish for it to be noted that this facility should remain open and in operation, supporting children in the community for generations to come.   

Created: 2021-05-17

Time period All countries Australia
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2021 166 166

Moreland Council adopt a Zero Carbon Moreland target by 2030

In September 2018, Moreland City Council unanimously declared a climate emergency – recognising the threat that the climate crisis poses to our health, safety and livelihoods. And, right now, Council has a target of zero carbon emissions across our community by 2040. But scientists have warned that now is the time to act: what governments, businesses and communities do between now and 2030 will determine whether we limit potential climate catastrophe. With the Federal government being left behi

Created: 2021-06-01

Time period All countries Australia
All time 106 106
2021 106 106

The People V HM Government for False Advertising surrounding Covid19

On the 8th February, I will be launching a Group Litigation Order (GLO) against the UK Government for False Advertising surrounding the Covid19 campaigns. Until people start being held accountable, this will never end. Although I only need 18 signatures to file this order, I believe it will strengthen the case for the Judge to see how many people are backing this fight. Since March 2020, the UK Government have spent billions of pounds of tax payers money on illegal advertising surrounding Covid1

Created: 2021-02-01

Time period All countries Australia
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2021 18322 62

amend the propose changes to licensing laws that are taking place in Qld MAY 1st

The proposed changes will put fire protection costs up for the provider & for the end client as there won’t be enough competition in the market place to control the pricing as the smaller companies will be forced to shut down or raise their prices to the upper end of the market.It will put 60% of the industry out of business which means 60% of employees out of work.The changes can easily be made with restricted plumbing or electrical licences however to suit the self-interest union/trade gro

Created: 2021-01-18

Time period All countries Australia
All time 61 61
2021 61 61

Moreland Council commission an independent report on Synthetic Turf impacts

We, the below residents, request that City of Moreland commission an independent report on the Environmental, Social, Health and Economic benefits, costs, and impacts of synthetic turf, and to compare and contrast this to natural grass or existing surfaces, for good governance decision making as per the overarching governance principles of the Local Government Act 2020.   Image: Clifton Park (Brunswick) synthetic turf field with black crumb rubber infill. The surface temperature of 60.4C measur

Created: 2021-05-02

Time period All countries Australia
All time 59 59
2021 59 59