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Stopp steinbruddet i Bremanger! // Stop the building of a quarry in Bremanger, Norway!

Created: 2024-02-07 Statistics

End NTNU's cooperation with Israel

Created: 2024-01-21 Statistics

Say yes to 130 ECTS credits in archaeology in the BA program at UiT!

Created: 2023-12-14 Statistics

Join the Fight to Preserve Vital Care for Individuals with Personality Disorders

Created: 2022-11-28 Statistics

Statement of support from KulturSápmi to Fosen and a call for support to all our colleagues in the cultural field!

Created: 2023-10-10 Statistics

No participation of Russia, Belarus, or Iran at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

Created: 2023-09-04 Statistics

Save Norrbotten NEO

Created: 2023-08-29 Statistics

Demonstrasjon, Samtykkelov - Bodø

Created: 2024-04-12 Statistics

The Baltic Sea is NOT a landfill of the battery industry

Created: 2024-02-15 Statistics

Help make the Onewheel’s speed legal

Created: 2023-07-23 Statistics

Orthoptics in Norway

Created: 2021-05-22 Statistics

فعال سیاسی بیژن مرادی در خطر دیپورت به ایران توسط دولت ترکیه است

Created: 2024-03-24 Statistics

Region Stockholm puts the treatment of patients with eating disorders at risk

Created: 2023-06-29 Statistics

Do not build Ounasvaara!

Created: 2023-11-29 Statistics

PODPRITE Simfonični Orkester in Big Band Radio Televizije Slovenija -Support the Slovene RTV Symphony Orchestra and RTV Big Band

Created: 2023-11-27 Statistics

Against detaching the National Observatory of Athens from Greece's network of research centers

Created: 2023-11-19 Statistics

Støtte til Rune Fardal sitt arbeide for menneskerettigheter i møte med det offentlige i Norge

Created: 2022-10-29 Statistics

Remove VAR from football

Created: 2019-08-27 Statistics


Created: 2018-04-12 Statistics

Få Jan Thomas Verden, og Jan Thomas og Einar blir venner (Sesong 2) tilbake på Discovery+!

Created: 2023-05-14 Statistics