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Long Island Seeks Change to a broken Healthcare System

Im asking all Long Islanders and those who love our island to support this letter addressed to Dr. Michael Darville, Minister of Health & Wellness. Let's speak up about our concerns so that they hear us! #LongIslandStrong   Dear Sir: We, the residents of Long Island, write to you with heavy hearts following the recent tragedy that happened on our peaceful island on Friday night (21st January, 2022). In the midst of our own heartbreak and disbelief, we also write with disappointment and great

475 Created: 2022-01-25 Statistics

From Horse and Carriage to E-rickshaw - Nassau, Bahamas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Icwq4IEGdw (Click on the link to see the horrible lifestyle of the horses) It is time to end the abuse of horses and switch to an electric rickshaw. Horses suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration, malnutrition, traffic fumes, noise pollution, stress, injuries and even death. E-rickshaws can cover the whole island including Clifton and not just downtown. The cost of maintenance is low with rechargeable batteries and the drivers will make more money.  Phase 1  Sig

783 Created: 2016-02-17 Statistics

Against Relocation of Webshop

June 9th, 2013 Online Petition - Against Relocation of Webshop Many residents of Skyline Drive & surrounding areas off West Bay in the Killarney constituency, are concerned about the possible relocation of a webshop from Hoffer Plaza into a residential apartment complex in their neighbourhood.  Renovations to the apartment building are underway as evidenced by signage. This morning, residents were advised that “Jitneys have begun stopping at the building assuming that it is already open for

307 Created: 2013-07-09 Statistics

Edmund Moxey Highway and Bahamas Cultural Village

Name the road between Thompson Blvd and Baillou Hill Rd the Edmund Moxey Highway. Transform the Big Pond redevelopment into the Bahamas Cultural Village. The surrounding property at Big Pond should be reserved for culture because of its historical attachment to Jumbey Village. This site should include a straw market, arts & craft market, food vendors, museum and stage for drama and concerts.

314 Created: 2014-08-03 Statistics

Restart the RBDF Rangers Program

Calling all past and current rangers, parents, supporters, and sponsors we need your help to get this vital program in action again. Since 1995 the Rangers Program has blossomed into a vibrant youth organization that directly influences hundreds, if not thousands of new students each year in more than 41 schools throughout New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Berry Islands, Eleuthera, Andros, LongIsland, Exuma and Bimini. As we rebuild and adapt to the changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, t

132 Created: 2021-02-12 Statistics

Petition for Preservation of Bahamian Culture on West Bay Street

We as concerned residents living in the Cable Beach community oppose plans to construct any kind of commercial complex which includes fast food or  drive-through restaurants  east of the entrance to the Westridge Shopping Centre on West Bay Street. We want to avoid at all costs, unnecessary traffic, noise, drive-through speakers, gas fumes, amplified radios, commercial garbage, kitchen exhaust, rodents, noise pollution and unwanted food smells.  We hereby request assurance from town planning tha

137 Created: 2012-05-20 Statistics

Say No to Caliber Restrictions in The Bahamas

There are rumblings going around that there is a plan to ban firearms of various calibers in The Bahamas. Currently, it seems rifles with a caliber greater than .22 are the initial target with this possibly expanding to shotguns and other calibers. While the BNHSSA is all for the authorities taking all possible steps to remove illegal firearms from the streets of our country and out of the hands of the criminal element, these ILLEGAL FIREARMS are the firearms that are the problem. Not those,

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103 Created: 2016-12-02 Statistics

We are asking all casino workers in The Bahamas to sign this petition to remove the highlighted section of the Employment Act.

The labor laws of The Bahamas unfairly discriminate against casino workers. The Tipped Category is normally referred to those that receive gratuities in the hotel. It is never intended to include casino workers. However, the law was written in such a broad manner that includes everyone in the entire tourism and hospitality industry. That is causing some casino workers to lose money, vacation, and sick benefits. This is an urgent matter that needs to be corrected immediately. We are calling on th

65 Created: 2018-01-26 Statistics

Please allow Exuma residents to travel to Nassau without Covid-19 PCR test requirement.

As Exuma is not a COVID-19 Hotspot, we see no need to take a PCR test for travel into New Providence.

55 Created: 2020-12-06 Statistics