Most popular petitions in Bahamas in 2017

  • Country: Bahamas
  • Language: English
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Professional Dress Code Policy

Please sign on this petition if you agree that the Section (e) of the Unacceptable Dress for Female Officers while in Uniform be removed from the Royal Bahamas Police Force Professional Dress Code Policy Force Order No: 18/2008 to facilitate professional natural hairstyles.

Created: 2017-07-20 Statistics

Ongoing Water & Sewerage Issues

KEEP OUR COMMUNITY GREEN   A Petition of Airport Industrial Park Community Limited   Mr. Glen Laville General Manager Water & Sewerage Corporation 87 Thompson Boulevard P.O. Box N3905 Nassau, Bahamas     WE, THE OWNERS OF LOTS, PROPERTIES AND BUSINESSES WITHIN AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK WOULD LIKE TO BRING TO YOUR ATTENTION THE FOLLOWING ISSUES WE HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING CONCERNING THE PLANT OWNED AND MANAGED BY THE MINISTRY OF WORKS:   1.     Constant overflow of sewerage onto the streets 2.  

Created: 2017-10-24 Statistics

From Horse and Carriage to E-rickshaw - Nassau, Bahamas (Click on the link to see the horrible lifestyle of the horses) It is time to end the abuse of horses and switch to an electric rickshaw. Horses suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration, malnutrition, traffic fumes, noise pollution, stress, injuries and even death. E-rickshaws can cover the whole island including Clifton and not just downtown. The cost of maintenance is low with rechargeable batteries and the drivers will make more money.  Phase 1  Sig

Created: 2016-02-17 Statistics