Say No to Caliber Restrictions in The Bahamas

There are rumblings going around that there is a plan to ban firearms of various calibers in The Bahamas. Currently, it seems rifles with a caliber greater than .22 are the initial target with this possibly expanding to shotguns and other calibers.

While the BNHSSA is all for the authorities taking all possible steps to remove illegal firearms from the streets of our country and out of the hands of the criminal element, these ILLEGAL FIREARMS are the firearms that are the problem. Not those, obtained through legal licensed retailers, by law abiding citizens who have undergone the prescribed background checks, paid for and obtained the required license and use their firearms for the activities of hunting, sport and target shooting.
We need to get the message to our representatives, that we the law abiding members of the population should not be penalized for the activities of those that break the laws of the land. Such a ban on the legal ownership and licensing of this class of firearm (or any other) used for recreational purposes, will not impact those who ILLEGALLY acquire their weapons and use them for criminal purposes. Rather continued and increased interdiction and confiscation of ILLEGAL weapons is what is needed.

If you feel the calibers and classes of firearms currently available law abiding citizens should remain as is for licensing and use, enter your information and submit this petition.

Also tell all of your fellow hunting, target and sport shooting enthusiasts friends to do the same. We need as many responses as quickly as possible to try and influence the current position.

Thank you.