Dear Friends and citizens, The Ministry of Culture, The Lebanese Gvt, Lebanese everywhere,

a Phoenician port has just been discovered in the Minat al Hosn city center area, on plot 1398, behind the Monroe
A Development firm known as Venus Real Estate Development Co [VRED] plans to build 3 mega towers on plot 1398, a 7510 squ meter project worth 500 million $.

For 5 months, the DGA has unearthed considerable archeological finds including 2 parallel canals constituting
the port structure.

the port itself ha been dated from 500 BC

such a discovery underlines the paramount importance
of ancient beirut, as a portal-city of the antiquity and most particularly, of the Roman Era.

Such discovery is about to be reburied in concrete.

We request your signatures upon this petition in a bid to
voice our refusal to such mistreatment of our heritage.
This is not just tourism, this is history and cultural identity.
this is what our ancestors used to be and we wont have it
bulldozed and replaced by towers no Lebanese can afford.

Sign up, and pass it on, for the safeguarding of our endangered memory and culture.

The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage.
facebook: stop destroying your heritage