Country Park for Hoi Ha now

To:  Dr. Alan Wong - Director Of AFCD;   Dr Leung Siu Fai - Deputy Director of AFCD.

Cc:  Mr Thomas Chow, Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning and Lands); Mr K K Ling, Director of Planning; Hon C Y Leung - Chief Executive

Re: Hoi Ha enclave status as Country Park

I am writing to inform you of my total objection to the plan to allow development companies to build large numbers of houses inside the country park boundary, especially at Hoi Ha.

Given the small size of Hong Kong and the increasing number of people enjoying the Country Parks, your approval given to this concept is totally unacceptable to me. It goes against the needs of the Hong Kong People to be able to enjoy natural areas. The country parks are under tremendous stress already from the intrusion of pollution into these areas. Any large scale development will create more issues from increased impacts from within.

I request that you move the Country Park boundary at Hoi Ha as necessary so as to absorb all the land not within the existing village* and make this Country Park. You should proceed with this action immediately.

I hope you will give this matter the attention it needs.



* Approximately the area outside the existing Village Environs

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