DBRC Junior Monthly Subscription Fee

Discovery  Bay Recreation Club ("DBRC") will introduce a monthly subcription fee of $100 per calendar month for Junior Memberships (Aged 6-17).The additional fee will be based under the " user-pay" principle. However, the principle is already in effect through the fees for activities that are mandated to be paid via DBRC. DBRC receives significant cash flow from the activities the children of DB particpate in.  We the undersigned feel the increase is unfair and takes advantage of loyal members who have joined the club under the condition that Junior Members are free. 

DBRC offers special plans for Junior Members:

Plan A: Subscription period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 for $1,000 per person ($200 savings plus cash coupons valued at $1,500)

Plan B: Subscription period from 1 April 2016 to 30 September 2016 for $500 per person ($100 savings plus cash coupons valued at $500).

However, the Terms & Conditions of the Cash Voucher stipulate that the vouchers are not applicable on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and Evenings. The poolsite kiosk is excluded at all times. This renders the vouchers useless for most members who enjoy the club's facilities mostly on weekends. 

DBRC has created a monopoly and is reaping the benefits without improving facilities and services. This is not acceptable. We the undersigned ask DBRC to urgently address the following issues and questions:

- To allow the use of vouchers at all times and all F&B venues including poolsite kiosk;

- To improve the deteriorating standard of cleanliness and maintenance;

- To increase the number of available sun lounge chairs in summer months;

- Not to allow the usage of club equipment for HKR events (e.g. sun lounge chairs at the beach!);

- Is the revenue generated by non members for the use of club facilities (i.e. wedding receptions, company meetings etc.) used to subsidize members fees?

- Is the day guest fee used to subsidise members' fees?


We the undersigned  ask DBRC to reconsider their decision and to waive the Junior Monthly Subscription Fee.