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Pimville/Klipspruit community is united against online registration of Joscho flats located in Klipspruit Nancefield. Physical registration is preferred, following Joscho Application guidelines.

97 Created: 2024-04-24 Statistics

Law enforcement graduates

914 Created: 2024-04-22 Statistics

Removal of Public Representative's responsible for Power outage in Pretoria East

12 Created: 2024-04-22 Statistics


38 Created: 2024-04-19 Statistics

RTMC Unfair Recruitment

669 Created: 2024-04-19 Statistics

Objection to Opening of Bottle Store on Corner of Harrison and Newlands Avenue.

167 Created: 2024-04-18 Statistics

Gray Zone Warfare South African Servers

9 Created: 2024-04-18 Statistics

Justice for Avuyisiwe Dumke

188 Created: 2024-04-17 Statistics

Petition for Sleepover Policy at Amani Residence

183 Created: 2024-04-17 Statistics


8 Created: 2024-04-16 Statistics


140 Created: 2024-04-15 Statistics

Cape to Cairo on Foot: World Record Attempt in Jeopardy in Ethiopia

464 Created: 2024-04-15 Statistics

Traffic Circle urgently needed at Vryheid Engen Junction intersection.

256 Created: 2024-04-10 Statistics

Sporting to remain at Penryn

28 Created: 2024-04-09 Statistics

Descendants 4 NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!

7 Created: 2024-04-07 Statistics

Commencement of ECD Learnership

47 Created: 2024-04-06 Statistics

Bring Back The Educators

80 Created: 2024-04-05 Statistics

Petition to Stop Noise Disturbance from the Cielo Resto-Lounge-Bar on 1 Country Lane, Benoni

16 Created: 2024-04-05 Statistics

No bail for Thulani Nyumbeka

184 Created: 2024-04-04 Statistics

Close the lane Klipkop

9 Created: 2024-04-04 Statistics