Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2017

  • Country: South Africa
  • Language: English
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DSTV must remove ANN7

DSTV must remove ANN7 from its offering as it is biased and creating divisions in the country.

Created: 2017-03-30 Statistics

Ban Fireworks-South Africa

Due to many animals been harmed and stressed during the New Year's Eve celebrations as well as any other excuse they use to set off fireworks, we need to do more to ban fireworks. A heavy fine should be given if caught in possession or letting off fireworks.

Created: 2017-01-02 Statistics

Zuma must GO!! Sign Motion of NO CONFIDANCE

The debate and vote on a Motion of No Confidence in the President has been scheduled for Tuesday 18 April. We have a unique opportunity next week to mobilise public support for our motion and to encourage citizens to become co-sponsors of the motion via signing the petition.   Information required in the petition is only for view of the author and required to make the petition legally binding.

Created: 2017-04-10 Statistics

Bring Back Serrie!

The decision of the university to cancel serrie finals is an injustice. We as the undersigned demand that the management of the University of Pretoria reconsider it's decision and #Bring_Back_Serrie!   Serrie tradition goes back many years and it would be wrong for the university to take it away.  We have already lost too much. No need to remind all of the loss of JOOL.   Serrie is much more than students jumping around singing and dancing to the latest hits. Serrie is hard work, preservation, m

Created: 2017-05-17 Statistics

The total ban of Fireworks displays in residential areas.

Created: 2017-01-01 Statistics


WE CLAIM THE WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH CAPE, WEST COAST, NORTHERN CAPE AND THE PREVIOUS BOER REPUBLICS AS OUR LAND. We and the Koisan are the original Natives of South Africa and were here since 1652. No other People were here since Jan Van Riebeeck arrived except the Koisan living from the sea in Western Cape Since the colourd people are part of our ancestors blood they are also included in this Independant Land we claim. NO RACE WILL BE REMOVED ALREADY LIVING IN THIS LAND WE CLAIM BECAUSE THAT WILL

Created: 2017-01-06 Statistics

Stop donkey slaughter in SA - Let's stand together!

 Stop donkey slaughter in SA - Let's stand together! The Highveld Horse Care Unit needs your help! Please sign this petition to show your support.    

Created: 2017-02-21 Statistics

PETITION: We the people of South Africa want Jacob Zuma to step down

A COUNTRY RULED BY A RAPIST AND A THIEF WE'VE HAD ENOUGH........ Our land and our people are dying. Why should the people of S.A  sign this petition? Since Jacob Zuma have become President nothing is going right in South Africa. Our hospitals,Eskom,municipalities Education systems, all are falling apart even our water systems is not in a very good working condition. With all the laws zuma inplied like BBBEE and all the other there are more people workless and homeless.  Our people are getting mu

Created: 2015-05-22 Statistics


I have started this pettition to close this pet store.. reason being that the owners are selling kittens and puppies and they are in a shocking state... they dont care for the animals at all. I feel they are money hungry and if they did actually care they would respond to the publics outcry and there has been many.. I have also heard that they breed on their farm.. this has to stop please. Be the voice for thevoiceless and stand up!!!!!! 

Created: 2017-04-04 Statistics

Ban Fireworks in Mbombela

The Public is outraged at the use of fireworks that sounded like bombs going off on New Years Eve in the Mbombela area.So many dogs died trying to get away from the explosives!Not even to mention our poor wildlife! Lost and Found Pets Lowveld was inundated with missing and found pets posts.We even saw the posts shared of the dogs who impaled themselves on palisades.They bled to death. Sign this petition against the use of fireworks and the selling of fireworks in the Mbombela area.We will hand t

Created: 2017-01-02 Statistics