Bring Back Serrie!

The decision of the university to cancel serrie finals is an injustice. We as the undersigned demand that

the management of the University of Pretoria reconsider it's decision and #Bring_Back_Serrie!


Serrie tradition goes back many years and it would be wrong for the university to take it away. 

We have already lost too much. No need to remind all of the loss of JOOL.


Serrie is much more than students jumping around singing and dancing to the latest hits. Serrie is

hard work, preservation, many hours of straining practices. Serrie is about res students coming

together as one, with a common goal. Serrie is a healthy competition between reses and having some 

fun along the way. Serrie is not just some silly little competition to throw away.


Stand with us in solidarity, show them that serrie is not just singing and dancing. Serrie is about

creating unity through diverse cultures in our student community.

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