Joostenbergvlakte Railway Road

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Notice was given on 27 September 2017 to permanently close the gravel section of Railway Road to vehicular traffic. 

This road section is situated on the western side of the railway line that cuts through Kraaifontein and Joostenbergvlakte. 

Reasons stated: 

For many years the gravel section was used as a convenient shortcut between the two areas as an alternative to using the N1. 

*This however is NOT the only purpose of this road. 

Railway road is our "safety net" in the event of an emergency. This is the fastest way out of the area in the event of an emergency. It provides the fastest access to hospitals as veterinarians for livestock, horses and domestic animals, as well as emergency services.  

As a community, we feel that we should be offered with an alternative solution, seeing that we have not been involved in this decision whatsoever. 

We hereby propose that a safe level crossing be erected, diverting traffic via Redhill Road, joining Lucullus Road, keeping Canary Road's access closed at the Railway Road. This would be essential in keeping the traffic out of the Joostenbergvlakte streets due to the dust problem and safety for the residents (peak hours more than 300 cars/hour pass through Railway Road).

An alternative would be to provide an access controlled boom, permitting residents of Joostenbergvlakte only, to utilise Railway Road. This would be costly, however the money saved from costly maintenance would make it financially viable, as there would be a reduction in traffic. 

The Railway Road was in a decent state before the contractor appointed in April 2017 worked on it, therefore it is unjust to state that the maintenance of the gravel section is operationally unsustainable.

Surely the whole of Joostenbergvlakte would then need to be deemed operationally unsustainable? 

We have the following exits and entrances to Joostenbergvlakte: 

Exit 1 - N1 inbound and outbound

Exit 2 - Waarburg Road - Terrible and poorly maintained tar road (access only available from N1) 

Exit 3 - Long gravel road through township (Phisantekraal) (4 km long road) 

Exit 4 - Real Servitude road (Railway / PRASA) - case of land on which a railway line is built  

Exit 4 (Railway Road) was closed by means of a petition from a neighbouring community combined with a developer, who built a massive estate bordering on this road, stating dust/air pollution as the reason.   

This is the most vital exit in the instance of an emergency, or in the instance of the N1 or bridge being closed, with the quickest access to:

- Hospitals

- Doctors

- Veterinarians (most residents own livestock / horses) 

- Ambulance access   

- Police 

- Neighbourhood Watch and Armed Response Companies 

- Fire Brigade

On numerous occassions, this has left the community virtually stranded, or unable to access the area in the event of an emergency, due to: 

- Protests (Exits 1 and 3 closed, exit 2 being poorly maintained, with no access to hospitals, doctors, veterinarians, non-viable route in event of accident on N1) 

- Accidents on N1

- Accidents on bridge over N1   

Crime has increased due to this road being closed, as criminals just run over the road, which has only been barricaded at access points, and neighbourhood watch, security and police have to drive around (+20 minutes, 45-60 minutes in peak hour traffic).   

Legal restaurants and agricultural businesses in the area are being affected by the closure of this road, as it is the most convenient mode for patrons. 

Since the closure of the Railway Road in April 2017, the number of train-vehicle related accidents has increased to four, where for the past 30-40 years, this was unheard of. This poses a major security risk to Transnet as well as to their train driver. 

The majority of our community are very much against the closure of this servitude road and would like to take action to have it reopened.  Most of us have been living here all our lives, way before the new developments occurred on our doorsteps, where the road was never an issue to residents in the past.

They developed the land and chose to build, knowing the dust implications and that the road is there. 

The opposing petition will of course contain more votes than the Joostenbergvlakte petition, as the Kraaifontein / Buh-Rein Estate area is far more densely populated than our little area. Our voices and options however also deserve to be heard, this cannot be one-sided. 

Please see attached feedback received from residents, which has been summarised.


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