Exemption from doing community services

To: The Honourable health minister and the South African Pharmacy Council Register

The petition of the undersigned shows: That a significant representation of pharmacy professionals believe that:

It has become notable that the government does not have the capacity / the financial means to place all prospective community services pharmacist in public institutions.  

It is also saddening that government plans to place prospective CSPs at private facilities. We feel it defeats the purpose of section 14 of the pharmacy act 53 of 1974, of which we believe it was made to serve the poor majority which uses public institutions. 

Therefore our petitioners ask that :

1. Amend section 14 in the pharmacy act 53 of 1974, that all CSPs should be exempted from doing community services, if not placed at a public institution immediately upon completion of internship. 

2. Place all prospective CSPs before the 16th of January 2017 or release them to register as fully functional pharmacist. 


Kopeng Obed Masemola    Contact the author of the petition