Upgrade of R101 Old Johannesburg Road

Upgrade of R101 Old Johannesburg road.


Since 2011 attempts have been made to Province to maintain the R101 (Old Johannesburg road). The area of focus is from the on-ramp in the South all the way down to Thaba Tshwane, where you will find very dangerous conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. If Province ignores our attempts much longer it will only result in many more costs, injuries and possible death and we, as the undersigned, urgently request that Government please investigate our proposals below to protect any further loss.

Resurfacing the road, removing soil and protecting the roads (through stormwater drainage) from heavy pockets of soil that form easily after rainfall (that cause major safety hazards), review of taxi stops along the road to ensure smooth flow of traffic and convenience to pedestrians. At the Sasol garage adjacent to the N1 off-ramp, revise the obstructive curbing placed that causes havoc for vehicles entering and/or exiting or making way for vehicles doing same. Keep the grass on the road reserves will maintained.

We call on the MEC for Roads and Transport in Gauteng to please consider this petition not just for the sake of the undersigned but for the sake of all motorists and pedestrians that make use of this vital road.      

Closing date: 9 April 2017

Marika Kruger Muller    Contact the author of the petition