Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2015

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PETITION: We the people of South Africa want Jacob Zuma to step down

A COUNTRY RULED BY A RAPIST AND A THIEF WE'VE HAD ENOUGH........ Our land and our people are dying. Why should the people of S.A  sign this petition? Since Jacob Zuma have become President nothing is going right in South Africa. Our hospitals,Eskom,municipalities Education systems, all are falling apart even our water systems is not in a very good working condition. With all the laws zuma inplied like BBBEE and all the other there are more people workless and homeless.  Our people are getting mu

Created: 2015-05-22 Statistics

Save Newmarket Stables, Durban

20th July 2015: Ethekweni Municipality served 1 months notice to Management, Committee members and family of Newmarket Stables, to vacate the premises by the 30th August 2015. Newmarket Stables, the last Equestrian club in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, has been given notice to vacate the premises it has occupied for more than a century, to make way for a new soccer academy. Equestrian world and people of Durban, we have only one chance to save this historical site. We have only one chance to retain th

Created: 2015-07-21 Statistics


 AKA is the first South African musician to get 4 Best African Act nominations in one year; BET in the USA, MTVEMA in Milan, MOBO in the UK and URBAN MUSIC AWARDS also in the UK.  We,his fans, would like an opportunity to celebrate the huge milestones with him in a big way and we are proposing that he UNLOCKS FNB stadium with us because we are the BADDEST team. Sign this petition below to get AKA to arrange this event for us the FANS. Lets Vote AKA he got 7 nominations at #SAHHA2015 here is the

Created: 2015-11-02 Statistics

Save our Cape Town

We the Cape Flats concerned Residence demand the Government to step in and save us from this violence / gangsterism and to protect our right to live Free and Safe.   We have on numerous occassion requested / demanded the assitance of the neccessary people but to no avail, thus we demand this action as our Vote will count in the next election. Please take tas a serious matter. If no action is granted you will loose our VOTE and we will make sure everyone in Cape Town realize that you are not for

Created: 2015-05-12 Statistics


We, the undersigned, object to the executive decision to reduce the LINE 2B of the Tshwane Rapid Transport (TRT) in Lynnwood and Atterbury roads to a single lane for cars per direction. After two years of Public Participation and the removal of all Jakaranda trees in Lynnwood road to commence the two car lanes per direction of Line 2B, we demand that the approved 2 lanes for car be implemented to prevent a traffic gridlock on these roads which will have devastating effects through out the East o

Created: 2015-03-20 Statistics

Justice For Asadullah

This petition is to highlight the concern we have for the safety of the students residing in the Summerstrand area. This was initiated after the brutal assualt and subsiquent death of Asadullah Ajimudin. We as the community and residents of Port Elizabeth would like to appeal to SAPS, the Municipality, The Mayor and Government to amend/change the criminal justice system which are giving criminals the freedem to go on commiting these crimes and keeping out city hostage.  

Created: 2015-08-13 Statistics

Adequate remuneration for Physiotherapists in South Africa

Physiotherapists in South Africa have been discriminated against in terms of representativity, career pathing, remuneration and employment opportunities. There has been undisclosed cold war against the profession. The relevance of the profession is actively mitigated against every single day. Weekend services rendered are not being remunerated appropriately, remuneration at exit level for physiotherapists in government institutions/ hospitals is equivalent to income at entry level for profession

Created: 2015-05-26 Statistics

Petition against the legislation in KZN

 we(mandie and tim surman started this petition with the help of Henk Bosch as we feel that the new propose legislation is seriously flawed.  We (everyone from the exotic pet trade and hobby across the world) are calling out for change in the draft and for sanity to prevail.     The legislation : all exotic mammals, reptiles and amphibians and invertebrates WILL require permits. Mammals that are exempted are domesticated rats and mice (lab animals) and under insects the ho

Created: 2015-01-18 Statistics

NO to Violence in SA… it must STOP today.

A referendum on ending apartheid was held in South Africa on 17 March 1992. The referendum was limited to White voters only, who were asked whether or not they supported the negotiated reforms begun by State President F. W. de Klerk two years earlier, in which he proposed to END the apartheid system that had been implemented since 1948. The result of the election was a large victory for the "Yes" side, which ultimately resulted in apartheid being lifted. General elections were held in South A

Created: 2015-04-29 Statistics

East Rand Child Welfare

Government is underfunding East Rand Child Welfare by 60% and is expecting other organisations to provide this funding on their behalf. Government has an obligation under the Constitution and the Childrens Act to ensure that all children are taken care of, but they are failing in their duty by not providing the vital funding neccessary to care for these children.  

Created: 2015-03-20 Statistics