Save The Rock Music Bistro

The Rock Music Bistro as we all know is a stunning little live music venue on the kzn south coast. The Rock has been a successful live music bistro for the passed 7 years. There was a hiccup last year with the previous owner and The Rock unfortunately lost its liquor license. We applied for this license 7 months ago and it is in the process of being granted to us. Unfortunately there are a few people within our immediate community (who we cherish and try to please on a regular basis), these few people are trying to find every possible reason to close The Rocks doors. We are extremely saddened by this. The Rock is a desired destination for tons of musicians and we have had some of South Afrifca's top, famous musicians play on our stage and some really incredible up and coming artists. The Rock is a platform for these musicians and has become a legendary landmark venue in kzn. Musicians from all over the country are requesting to come and play at The Rock music bistro. The Rock is most certainly an attraction to our area not just for musicians but for our loyal, supportive customers who love The Rock. I have been involved in The Rock for many years and am a South African music lover, there is no other place on the kzn south coast for these amazing musicians to come play, they all love The Rock for its amazing vibe, awesome customers, good food and they just love coming to our venue. Ingrid and Eileen the new owners of The Rock has done absolutely everything to try ensure that everything is done correctly, they have also spent a ton of money on this place, we all thank them for making The Rock back into The Best Live Music Venue ever. Please we urge all of you to please sign this petition to keep The Rock open, we need as many signatures as possible, we thank you all for taking the time to do this, regards, Hayley Maisch (music booking agent for The Rock) Shirley (Manageress for The Rock) Ingrid (owner of The Rock) Bennie (Barman) David and PP (waiter and waitress), all our kitchen and cleaning staff