Speed Cameras for Swartgoud Street, Ridgeway, Jhb South

Reckless driving and speed are the reasons people are losing their limbs, lives and property, on Swartgoud Street in Ridgeway, Johannesburg South. Installation of 2 permanent speed cameras, placed before the very sharp notorious bend, on both sides of the road, will certainly aid in curbing accidents, injuries, loss of life and property, in future.

We need to stop road users from speeding in both directions. The momentum built up on this road, leads to drivers unable to take the very sharp bend, resulting in vehicles, coming around the bend, with loss of control.  This goes for cars, trucks, vans and motor cycles alike. The houses on this bend have seen their walls destroyed, cars ending up in their swimming pools and virtually in their homes. The barriers are replaced every few weeks, when the council has stock, and for the rest of the time, it remains a mangled pile of metal, serving no purpose at all, instead posing a further hazard to passersby and serves no protection to the homes or vehicles, when the next accident occurs.

The road that leads into the area comes off of a steep bridge that crosses over the N12 highway. During the rainy season, the wet conditions only exacerbate the situation. A school has recently come up, less than, 120 meters from this bend. 

We need the various agencies, The Department of Community Safety, The Department of Roads and Transport, the Johannesburg Roads Agency, The Metro Police department and all local government departments, involved in keeping us safe, to take decisive action, before it’s too late.


Please support our cause in signing the petition. We want permanent speed camera’s, strategically placed, on Swartgoud Streets notorious bend, in Ridgeway, Johannesburg South. 

Zubair, Ridgeway Community Forum    Contact the author of the petition