Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2011

  • Country: South Africa
  • Language: English
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"Clayton Luclay Misoya" ROBBED OF VICTORY

We as fans of Luclay Misoya want Big Brother Amplified being investigated, we are not satisfied with the results that they announced on Sunday, we want Ernst and Young to Recount the votes, and we also want to burn Big Brother in South Africa

Created: 2011-08-02 Statistics

We Don't Want Big Brother Africa To Be Hosted in S.A Anymore!!!

BBA is the biggest scam in reality tv history and it must be banned in South Africa. Go host it in the winning countries or something. South Africans do not want to participate anymore. Whoever it belongs to, take it with you and leave our country!!!!!

Created: 2011-08-02 Statistics


We the undersigned are strenuously opposed the the development of hotels / bush lodges and conference centres within the Kruger National Park.

Created: 2011-06-03 Statistics


Lets boycott the big broter Africa show for the upcoming year....As this show is racist and polliticians are behind who wins. Its not an entertainment show anymore, more like polliticians battling  out in private...The winning of Wendall was unfair towards South Africa and we dont want  the show in our country anymore.NICA

Created: 2011-08-02 Statistics

Суд над Бхагавад-гитой / Attempt to ban Bhagavad-gita

В России, в городе Томске, идет суд над одной из популярных священных книг мира – «Бхагавад-гитой как она есть» («Бхагавад-гита» в переводе и с комментариями А.Ч. Бхактиведанты Свами Прабхупады). Прокуратура города Томска предлагает признать самое известное священное писание индуизма экстремистской литературой. «Бхагавад-гита как она есть» переведена более чем на 80 языков и выпущена тиражом более 50 миллионов экземпляров! Ее считают своей главной книгой миллионы людей во всем мире! Это абсурд

Created: 2011-12-16 Statistics


A Magyarországi Krisna-tudatú Hívők Közössége a hindu világvallás legfőbb képviselője Magyarországon. A Krisna-hívők példamutató vallásgyakorlatot és tiszta életmódot folytatnak, elkötelezettségük az örökérvényű lelki értékek közvetítésére közismert. A nélkülözők megsegítésére, valamint a környezetvédelmi problémák elleni küzdelemben és a fenntartható fejlődés népszerűsítése érdekében tett erőfeszítéseiket és eredményeiket világviszonylatban is nagyra értékelik.  Krisna-völgy ökofalu több száz

Created: 2011-12-03 Statistics

Vodacom Signal Problems Potchefstroom

We, the community of Potchefstroom, are not happy with the poor service delivery of Vodacom in Potchefstroom.  This includes: Sending of SMS messages, which can take up to 2 days to be delivered, in which case a phone call is the only alternative Receiving text messages Dropped phone calls Calls that are unable to connect Unreliable 3G internet (mostly only GPRS\EDGE) Inability to connect to the internet Poor handling of these issues by Vodacom Customer Care This petition was created to inform V

Created: 2011-06-15 Statistics

Luclay Clayton Misoya robbed off Victory

Big Brother Amplified is so Biased.He is cheating on our Votes. and this Time we won't allow Him to step on our feets.He rather take His unfair show somewhere else where they will allow him to cheat.Luclay was suppose to have won..

Created: 2011-08-02 Statistics

Leave to Appeal - Collett vs FRB Constitutional Court Application

We, the undersigned, hereby support the NCR in its case in approaching the Constitutional Court with regards to the FNB/Collett matter as this decision adversely affects the debt counseling process and the consumer as the decision appears to be contrary to the purpose of the National Credit Act.   Ons, die ondergetekende hiermee ondersteun die NKR in sy saak om die Konstitusionele Hof te nader met betrekking to the Collett vs FRB saak.  Hierdie besluit het 'n nadelige uitwerking op die skuldber

Created: 2011-06-24 Statistics

Wysiging van wet op Munisipale belasting vir huureiendom

Ingevolge die wysinging op die WeT van Munisipale belasting vir huureiendom, sal 'n eiendom wat gebruik word vir verhuring, in die toekoms nie meer as residentiele eiendom aangeslaan word nie. In terms of the amendment, property that will be let as residential, for financial gain, will no longer be taxed as residential property. The effects will lead to a dramatic increase in the property tax of rental properties. In Cape Town a R1 mill property with a tax of +- R375, can see an increase up to

Created: 2011-07-18 Statistics