Save the Hartbeesport Vervets

The Vervets at Hartbeesport have possibly been condemned to death by some of the residence of Club Nautique. A permit has been granted by North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment with the help of the Bushveld Conservation Bureau to shoot these primates. These animals have been living in these areas for hundreds of years their only crime was forced upon them by the residence feeding them causing them to come back and look for food. No alternatives have been investigated to prevent this. No alternatives were looked at when their habitat was destroyed for the housing development and now they must pay the price. WE SAY NO if you want to live in these areas you accept everything that shares the area with you especially those those that have been there long before you.

So by signing this petition we are appealing to out Honorable Ministers and Protectors of our wildlife to put an end to this action and start protecting our children's heritage.

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