We, the real students of UKZN - the majority - are sick and tired of the strikers and their foolish, political agenda. They are impeding our own studies with impractical and ill-considered demands. We are also notably tired of the SRC and UKZN senior management who do nothing. We demand the following:


1) Disband the SRC. They do not represent us, the students. They are only interested in politics, not studies. We will elect a new SRC and only good students will be eligible. From now on, a good academic record must be a criteria for SRC membership.

2) Stop the striking. It's ridiculous. This is targeted at YOU, UKZN management. Stop capitulating and even listening. Stop them.

3) During the earlier strikes this year, UKZN caved and gave in to many ridiculous demands. Where did this get them? There are just more strikes this year. Stop giving in to the strikers! Take a firm stance!

4) Give us back the time we lost in lectures so that we can make up for lost lectures

5) Arrest any further trouble makers


We are good students. We just want to study and be left to do so in peace. It's hard enough without all this ridiculousness.

The aim of this group is to get as many digital signitures as possible for a digital petition and formalise a list of (reasonable, educated) demands. Down with the SRC


[EDIT]: if you would like anything altered or added, please contact me:  I'm all about collaboration


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