PETITION: We the people of South Africa want Jacob Zuma to step down



Our land and our people are dying.

Why should the people of S.A  sign this petition?

  • Since Jacob Zuma have become President nothing is going right in South Africa.
  • Our hospitals,Eskom,municipalities Education systems, all are falling apart even our water systems is not in a very good working condition.
  • With all the laws zuma inplied like BBBEE and all the other there are more people workless and homeless. 
  • Our people are getting murderd,rape,hijacked and robbed in South Africa and the people suffering because there is no work in the country.
  • President Zuma doesn't care about anyone in S.A other than himself.His own people are struggling but he doesn't care.  
  • Since he became president of our country, our country is going backwards and not forwards like it's  supposed to do.
  • It's worst than apartheid now.We heading for a downfall and very fast.
  • Corruption,crime, murder,and illigal immigrants has taken over our country.A lot of the people lost there jobs because of immigrants,putting people in a position that are not addequete  do the work.

    Zuma uses our tax money for his own benefit and to enrich himself and his ruling party.

  • Zuma steels,lies,bribes.He doesn't care were the money is coming from and what things are really important in S.A.

  • Zuma will put up the prices of petrol,electrisity,food ect.

  • Making promises he will never keep.Its only empty words that means nothing.

  • Zuma is always Blaming everyone for his wrong doings.It's always apartheid,Jan van Riebeecks or maybe DR Verwoerd's fauld.

  • But never takes responsability for himself or his ruling party.

  • We the people of SOUTH AFRICA had ENOUGH.

  • We want a better, safer country with work,enough food,clean water,electricity, houses for all ,better education,better service delivery , better hospitals were the people get saved and not dying..
  • Zuma is the worst President S.A has ever had.He is ruling our country into the gutters and doesn't care.

  • Zuma's only loyalty is Nkandla,it's the only thing he worries about, Taking R246million to upgrade his home.Its outragious.(Tax money)

    Zuma thinks he is above the law:he thinks he is untouchable and that everybody is scared of him.

    Zuma let all the immigrants into our country so that they can vote for him.

  • If we the people of our country don't do something about it NOW we will end up like Zimbabwe.

  • Please sign and share this petition so we can save our country and our people from downfall. 


  • STEP down ZUMA step down now.



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