Unite against traffic lights over traffic circles

Installing traffic lights at these intersections will negatively impact the residents living in and around the lakeside shopping centre.

The residents of Modderfontein believe traffic circles are better than traffic lights for a number of key reasons: Firstly, safety. Vehicles enter the circle at low speeds, 15-20KM/h. should there be an incident in the circle the risk of serious injury is low.

Traffic circles eliminate the ‘beat the light” scenario which helps to negate T-bone collisions which more often than not lead to serious injury. The fact that one does not have to stop completely at a traffic circle also reduces the risk of hijacking and street vendors/window washers/smash and grab opportunists to mention a few. Secondly, congestion.

Traffic circles greatly alleviate the stop-go effect caused by traffic lights. It’s this stop and go effect that adds to traffic congestion. This is made worse should there be a power failure and the traffic lights stop working all together. Thirdly, maintenance. Traffic circles cost less to maintain on a yearly basis if compared to traffic lights.