Debt Counselling Fee Review Petition

The NCR has not reviewed Debt Counselling fees in South Africa since 2010. Debt Counsellor Registration Fees, paid to the NCR, increased by 750% and all inflation related cost increased by more than 43%.

The effect of the lack on a fee review for 7 years is that the provision of Debt Review services to Consumers is not financially viable. Although the NCR has been busy with a fee review since 2015 the lack of finalisation impacts the Credit Industry, Debt Counsellors and their employees as well as Consumers who are over-indebted and in need of assistance.

All interested parties are requested to sign this petition to express your concern about the lack of fee review for 7 years and to demand the finalisation of Debt Counselling Fee Review by 31 August 2017. The results of this petition will be submitted to the DTI.