Woolworths and Sandton City STOP Racist, Zionist harassment!


Are people of colour safe to shop in Woolworths and Sandton City Mall?


On Sunday, August 10  2014 a group of South Africans wearing Israeli flags and shirts belonging to Zionist Organisation, B'nei Akiva, were seen and recorded carrying out a hate campaign both in and out of Woolworths and at various points within the Sandton City Mall. They were targeting people of colour and those whom they assumed were "Muslim" based on appearances, with racist and discriminatory slurs. Some were called names such as "...terrorist fan!"

Whilst disrupting shoppers, the pro-Zionist group cordially handed out Woolworths Israeli imported produce to whites and shouted slogans like, "Take that Palestine!" Meanwhile, they withheld the goods and verbally abused others who didn't fit their profile. What is worse? Neither the Sandton City or Woolworths management or security stopped the hate campaign (which is advertised on the Zionists' website and facebook page) as it was allowed to carry on for some time.


This abhorrent behaviour is tantamount to harassment, racial and religious profiling, hate-speech and incitement to violence. Send a clear message to both parties that there is NO PLACE for discrimination and harassment in South Africa's public spaces. It takes 1 minute to add your voice in support of a society free from inequality, jingoism and fascist hate mongers.


Sign this petition today and say NO! to racism and harassment in our public spaces.


This petition with signatures will be delivered to Woolworths along with Liberty and Pareto LTD (managers and owners of Sandton City) who will be asked for written acknowledgement and assurances for both consumers and workers that they will not be targeted!

South Africa defeated apartheid once, lets not allow these thugs to import it from Israel! Or we risk committing violence to the memory of Madiba who struggled to free both the oppressed and oppressor from bigotry. 



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