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Remove the football goals from the basketball fields in Maastricht

We want to ask the city of Maastricht to remove the football goals from the basketball fields in Maastricht so we can safely play basketball whitout getting injured when we try a lay up or dunk. The football goals are preventing us from practicing the sport to the maximum. But also create an unsafe situation for players who attacking the ring with speed. We specifically talking about the 2 most used fields for basketball in Maastricht. The Griend and Sport park west. On a real Basketball field a

Created: 2020-08-13

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 22 13

Slow Down, Save Lives!

Please take a moment to add your name this vital campaign. Barton Road (lower) in Torquay is a residential, family area of our town, a road frequented by hundreds of primary and secondary school children every week on their walk to school.  Currently Barton Road (lower) has in place, completely ineffective speed reducing measures, with wide and low split speed humps from the area of Torre Academy Primary, ending at the narrowing of the road at the Torre Marine Estate. Vehicles are frequently tra

Created: 2020-08-13

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 17 17

Regarding collage fees

This is regarding the fees of private college. They are charging high amount with 0% reduction. If this would been a normal college days we would pay the fees without any words but due to this pandemic and the lockdown event  many of our parents income has literally gone down and even some has lost their jobs. In this condition to pay such high amount of  fees is really next to impossible. Thus, this is the request to all the students to stand against this act of the colleges of forcing the stud

Created: 2020-08-13

Time period All countries India
All time 5 5

FIELDSY to play Bluesfest Byron Bay!

Ever been to a festival?? Yeah? I bet your still buzzing from it , even if its a decade ago. I bet your eyes glisten and smile slowly spreads across your face until you resemble the joker... Especially in 2020:(  Now imagine it from the Artist you so patiently waited to see, squished beneath multiple armpits waving in the dense yet aromatic air packed tent , imagine their point of view ..... Incredible  If you know me, you know Bluesfest is one of my ultimate goals as a musician, .. I've been th

Created: 2020-08-13

Time period All countries Australia
All time 63 35

Bring the creators of ‘Avatar, the Last Airbender’ back

Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko are no longer involved with Netflix's live-action adaptation of 'Avatar, the Last Airbender.' It was stated that this is due to "creative differences." The original show is deemed as the best animation of all time and was done with the vision of these two original creators. Let's let Netflix know that we want Michael and Bryan's vision to hold true through the live action version! Please sign our petition so we can do the original series justice and ge

Created: 2020-08-12

Time period All countries United States
All time 19 15

Petition to improve service delivery in the Walter Sisulu Municipality District

WE, the residents of Aliwal North - Walter Sisulu Municipality, hereby demand you, Me F Ntlemeza, as the Municipal Manager to: 1. improve the quantity and quality of municipal services to the people in the areas of access to water, sanitation, electricity, waste management, roads and disaster management, 2. optimize revenue collection and improve billing, customer care, indigent and credit-control policies, 3. work towards sustaining “clean” audit outcomes, 4. improve public participation and co

Created: 2020-08-12

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 667 665

Cut down of college fees and helping the students during this pandemic.

Students are not able to pay the whole amount of college fees during this pandemic as the businesses and all the work was not functioning properly and due to this parents are also under a lot of pressure and they are not in a state of paying the whole amout. It is kindly requested by the college authorities to consider the situation of the students and cut down the fees or atleast take some steps for making the fee payment easy for the students. 

Created: 2020-08-12

Time period All countries India
All time 9 9

Stop releasing turtles in the temple, they will never be free!

We are Stamford University Students running a campaign for Advertising and PR class.- This turtles campaign aims to stop the activity of releasing turtles in the temple.- This is a business behind the act of making merits. And the action disrupts the water and the turtle's well-being." Help sign the petition to help reduce this act in order topreserve the environment and the turtle's well-being."

Created: 2020-08-12

Time period All countries Thailand
All time 7 5

Petition for Postponing the second test on behalf the entire 12th grade

We would like to request the school management, on behalf of all the 12th-grade students of JSS Public School, HSR Layout, to postpone the upcoming school examinations Request one: We would like the upcoming tests (scheduled to start on the 19th) to be postponed by a week (26th of August). We being informed a week before our scheduled tests gives us an inadequate time period for the proper preparation of our exams demand, and hence our request. These marks may be counted as internals, leading t

Created: 2020-08-12

Time period All countries India
All time 44 43

State highway 35 users against the speed restrictions that come into force on the 8th September 2020.

We are opposed to the permanent speed restrictions, from Pouawa to Okitu (100km/hr down to 80km/h), and the seasonal speed limit being reduced to 60km/hr. We want the speed limit left at the current level, instead other safety measures should be looked at. We believe that the speed reductions will further isolate the East Coast communitys, and only add to fatigue for all road users.

Created: 2020-08-12

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 58 58