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Oppose Reuse of hotel at 3265 Elvis Presley Blvd as apartments

Opposing the rezoning of The Red Roof Inn at 3656 Elvis Presley Blvd (by the Whitehaven Visitor Center) to be used as 137 monthly apartments. The Property Owner- OM Shivaya Namath Inc. and One Stop Housing LLC ( Florida Investment Company) have submitted a Special Use Permit application with the Shelby County Land Use Control  Board requesting the hotel be rezoned from commercial to housing to convert the hotel into 137 month to month rental apartments. These apartments with be monthly rentals 

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Petition for Hiring the most Qualified Applicant for Head Football Coach at FCAHS

We the people of the FCAHS community, made up of alumni, parents, students and Forrest County taxpayers, hereby petition both the administration and the school board of FCAHS to hire the most qualified applicant to the head football coach position. We as the community demand that our football program, as well as all athletics, be held to a high standard that teaches discipline, hard work and sportsmanship. 

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Diving in Ojamo Mine

    The signatories of this petition represent a group of Finnish and international divers who want to establish a new open and transparent operating culture which supports diving in the Ojamo Mine. As the Lohja City decision making body, Vetovoimalautakunta, already stated in its meeting on 15th December 2020: “The Ojamo diving site is so exceptional on the scale of Finland that the management and coordination of the diving activities taking place there should be under the control of a sufficie

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Planning support for Cemetery and Peace Gardens for Lancashire communities - Hyndburn

Upon receiving requests from the community, a local charity has submitted a planning application for a cemetery on the land within their ownership. They have committed a huge investment in the purchase and plan to develop the setting with vast landscaping, making it a peace garden for contemplation and pay respects. The public paths are shown to remain open and the area accessible for everyone. Please support the cause by signing this petition in favour of the application being approved.

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Make the neighborhood safe again

We all agree that Wilcox is a danger to our neighborhood and society. He needs to have authoritative actions to be placed where he can be monitored and secured away from society. We need to come together as a community and make this neighborhood safe again. Wilcox needs to be seen as the hazardous person he is. We need to be comfortable as Parents Grandparent Aunts and Uncles to allow our children to play outside without the worry of Wilcox causing problems. My children have listened to him nume

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Chase Adoption

Please help me convince my carer to let us adopt Chase. She won't be paying any of the costs for him me and my sibling will, but she's not convinced on letting me have another hamster.

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اعتراض اعضاء هیات علمی به ایجاد سقف برحقوق و مزایا

  ریاست محترم جمهوری اسلامی ایران ریاست محترم مجلس شورای اسلامی احتراما همانطور که مستحضرید، اساتید دانشگاهها نقش بی بدیلی در پاسخگویی به نیازها و معضلات کشوراز جمله سلامت جامعه را با وجود مشکلات اقتصادی کشور و محدودیتهای ناشی از تحریمهای بین المللی بر عهده داشته و دارند. اصولارشد علمی و شکوفایی علمی که متضمن سلامت جامعه و پیشرفتهای اقتصادی و توسعه شغل و رونق کسب و کار می باشد درگرو باروری علمی وفعالیتهای اعضاء هیات علمی کشور است. جایگاه کشور در زمینه پژوهشهای علمی و پیشتازی رشد علمی  در منطقه

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To oppose the contamination of our waterways.

A newly formed group called the Eleven-Seventeen Watershed Association is challenging a proposed limestone and sandstone quarry near Mountain View Missouri. The mine property is located on the Eleven Point River near where it crosses Hwy. 17, several miles south of town.  It is well known by locals that ponds in this area rarely hold water. Our concern is that mine wastewater might easily escape from a retention pit or pond then flow underground, and potentially contaminate waterways in the area

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Save the Polo Fields

SAVE THE POLO FIELDS PARK     The Polo Fields Park is located in District 3 of Forsyth County Georgia, and it has been an integral part of our community since it was developed in 1986. The park originally served as a Polo Field, and the original owner hosted several players and teams from Europe and South America. Prince Charles and the British Polo team, headed by Major Ronald Ferguson have played on the Polo Fields.  Sadly, the original owner passed away in 2002 and the property was passed to

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No LAUSD medical mandate for C19 vaccine

LAUSD had decided that all children over the age of 12 should be required to get the expiramental COVID 19 vaccination in order to remain enrolled in person schooling. If the child fails to get the first dose of the vaccine by 11/21/2021 they will be transferred to on-line instruction. LAUSD failed to allow parents to publicly comment on the matter before voting to make this vaccine a requirement to attend school. The clinical trials for this vaccine are going on at this time and will not conclu

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