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Breaking News: Durban High Court Judge grants Durban & Coast SPCA Interdict against woman facing two separate animal cruelty charges

2020-08-28 13:22:05

Wednesday 26th August:

Durban & Coast SPCA successfully applied to the High Court for an interdict preventing the woman from acquiring more animals. She faces two separate court cases for cruelty. Our SPCA laid charges against her after finding hundreds of suffering and dead animals in her custody.

Both cruelty cases are set down in the Durban Courts on 14th September. We are relieved that there is now legal recourse for our SPCA to enforce in order to prevent further contraventions of the Animals Protection Act.

Caroline Smith

Case is now go ahead

2020-08-19 11:55:48

At last, some good news!

Our patience throughout lockdown has been rewarded; the case against the woman who kept 100 dead and dying dogs in a filthy, squalid house in Clare Estate is due to go to court on Monday 14 September, 2020.  

If you have friends who have not yet signed the petition, please encourage them to do so. We are hoping for the maximum penalty under the Animal Protection Act to be handed down, and that the accused will be denied the right to own any animal for the rest of her life.  

I hope to report back on a successful prosecution after 14 September. Together we can take a firm stand against cruelty.  

Caroline Smith

Naming and shaming

2020-05-14 10:41:50

Hi again petitioners

Several of you have requested the name of the accused - some have even expressed the desire to 'name and shame' her. Unfortunately, by law, we are not able to disclose her identity until after a conviction. To do so would put the entire case in jeopardy.

But I promise to keep you updated on the progress of the case, and you will be the first to know if we achieve a successful conviction. Thank you again for caring so passionately about animals, and wanting to do everything you can to help.

Kind regards
Caroline Smith

General Manager | Durban & Coast SPCA

Caroline Smith

Update on court case

2020-05-14 09:40:43
Dear Petitioners
Thank you so much for signing our petition – and for sharing our commitment to preventing animal cruelty and suffering.

Owing to the lockdown, unfortunately this court case did not go ahead on  28 April 2020 as scheduled. At this stage, we don’t yet have a new court date. But this doesn’t mean that we are any less determined to pursue justice for the 100 dead and dying dogs kept in appalling conditions on the woman’s Clare Estate property. Please continue to encourage friends to sign our petition. We now have over 2 500 signatures, but we’d like to have at least 5 000 to deliver to the magistrate when we finally do get to court.

Your sincerely
Caroline Smith
General Manager – Durban & Coast SPCA


Caroline Smith

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