Make Armored Mud Balls a State "Sedimentary Structure"

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update on the Armored Mud Ball project

2022-05-03 17:28:02

Dear Supporters,

First, thank you for your support and enthusiasm!  There are lots of great comments on this Petitions web site.  I have made some additions and revisions to the web site that may be of interest, such as a re-edit of the promo video and more information about where to see armored mud balls in Franklin County.

Keeping up the promotion of this effort is important.  Over 1100 have made contact with the web site or You Tube video and hopefully, we will have many times this by late fall when final plans will be made for legislative action to make Jurassic Armored Mud Balls a Massachusetts State "Sedimentary Structure".  Many thanks to you all plus MA State Reps: Paul Mark, Sean Garballey, and Jack Lewis.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.  I have promo postcards to send to you if requested.  The web site also shows a really nice embroidered AMB hat you can buy (at cost).

Thank you, and "Rock On".......Richard

Prof. Richard D. Little

new, informative AMB web site

2021-10-04 02:54:00

Prof. Richard D. Little

Armored Mud Ball "Sedimentary Structure" Support Strong and Enthusiastic

2021-04-02 04:35:15

Hello AMB fans.  Over 350 people have seen my 6 minute video in this first month of promotion and many have signed the petitiion and left nice comments as well.  Besides Rep. Paul Mark, we have Rep. Jack Lewis on board.  Thank you for supporting the celebration and recognition of these unique and interesting geologic features.  They could easily be neglected, forgotten, and lost.  We will have an armored mud ball field trip scheduled sometime in summer or fall.

The legislation for recognition will potentially be filed in Jan. 2023, so there is still time for overwhelming education and outreach for this effort.

Do you wish some promotional postcards?   Please get in touch and I'll mail them.  Thanks for spreading the word via your networks.  

Sincerely, Richard D. Little

Prof. Richard D. Little

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