Do not rezone the land in the corner of I-69 and Lower Huntington to commercial and/or medical.

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Updates and meeting!

2022-06-22 17:45:24
Good afternoon!  


We are reaching out to you to let you know of updates with the IU Health property.  

First, our county will be revealing the new All in Allen drafted Comprehensive Plan in just a few days.  We have an opportunity to speak up and let our voices be heard regarding zoning changes in Allen County.  Please plan to show up and speak up.  If you don't want to physically speak up, I believe they have stations where you can write out your thoughts.  The more voices our county hears from, the better!  If no one attends, then our county will certainly do whatever they desire.   

Gather friends and family and make an impact!  

Here are the dates and times:  


Second, we have been working to preserve the land purchased by IU Health.  Many state and federal agencies are doing what they can to keep this land protected.  For both historic and environmental reasons, we are hoping some actions can be taken.  

One thing we could use help on is taking photos of any and all wildlife around the area, most especially on and near this site.  

Please respond to this email, and we can send you an email address to send those photos to.  Unfortunately, this petition website will not allow email addresses to be sent.  

Or better yet, please upload to:  

If you can, please send photos to both places.  We will make sure that IN DNR receives all photos.  This will be important when it comes time to pull permits.  This land sees Bald Eagles, Red Tail and Cooper's Hawks, monarch butterflies, endangered bats, trumpeter swans, and many other endangered/protected species.  

Please help us to document the wildlife that use this location!  It will be more difficult for a permit to be granted to destroy wetlands and forest if we can show that certain animals and plants need and use this land.  


Lastly, we have been told by IU Health that they will be having an archeological survey of their property completed.  We have yet to hear who is doing the archeological survey; but IN DNR supplied them with a list of suggested options.  We will keep you updated. 

If you have any proof or indication of historical significance on this property, will you please respond to this message.  We can send you an email address to send those to.    

Items like Deeds or Land Surveys or anything else could prove useful.   


Most importantly, please attend the All in Allen Comprehensive Plan reveal next week, and speak up with your concerns for land development.  

Send us and/or inaturalist wildlife photos!  


Thank you! 


Andrea Milliman  

WEBB Environmental   

Andrea Milliman

Rezoning vote tomorrow

2022-04-14 23:11:46

The Allen County Commissioners will be voting on this rezoning issue tomorrow, April 15, at 10:00am in room 035 of Citizens Square.  It is extremely important that we attend this meeting to show our desire to keep this land preserved.  Our lawyer has stated that we need a large crowd at the meeting to put pressure on the Commissioners to do what is right.  No one needs to speak publicly, we just simply need to be there.  
Please show up and bring family and friends!!!  

Andrea Milliman

Community meeting!

2022-02-27 01:09:12

We are having a community meeting to discuss problems with this development and ways to prevent big development from occurring near our rural land.  If you can, please attend one of these two meetings: Feb. 28 and March 1, at 6:30, Door #15 at Larayette Meadows Elementary School.  Much will be discussed and there are ways you can help!  
Looking forward to seeing you there!  

Andrea Milliman

IU Health rezoning letters; take action

2022-02-12 15:30:24

Please email letters to the Allen County commissioners stating why you do not agree with this project.  Thank you!

Andrea Milliman

IU Health rezoning send letters now!

2022-01-12 16:24:52

Please email letters to the Allen County commissioners stating why you do not agree with this project.  Thank you!


Andrea Milliman

IU Health Hospital meeting

2022-01-12 15:39:36

Please attend this meeting!  It is open to the public and we can speak, as well!  
The public meeting for rezoning of this land is tomorrow, Jan. 13 at 1:00, in room 35 of Citizens Square; Fort Wayne.  The room is in the basement, and there is free parking out front.  Come to the meeting and let your voice be heard!  

Andrea Milliman

Petition signatures

2022-01-11 02:04:29

Just a reminder: 

Anyone 16 and older can sign.  Multiple signatures from the same residence is fine, but need to use different emails for authentication.  
If anyone you know of is having trouble, please let me know.  We can try to figure it out; or I have paper copies you/they can sign.  

Andrea Milliman

Petition for rezoning

2022-01-11 01:21:07

If you can, please email the Allen County Department of Planning Services with your concerns, too.  I emailed the Commissioners first, then was directed here.  I'm sure emailing both is just fine, too.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!!!  Thank you so much!  
The public meeting is this Thursday, Jan. 13 at 1:00. 
I'll get the details for that sent out, too.  
Thank you!!!!!    

Andrea Milliman

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