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2022-03-04 05:59:21

Thanks to all for support of Pinaroo Park. Coming up we will see if it is possible to reverse the decision by then Sunshine Coast Council in resuming a large slice of the north end of Pinaroo Park for a road to link with the Lanyana area, allowing all the parked cars to come out through that road, to the roundabout!! How crazy is that. 

It is planned to upscale the users of the playground (Mums, Dads, Kids, Dogs) and there is this plan to send a s..tload of traffic that way?? Go figure the sense of the consultants there, speaking of 'calming' the traffic. Get your hand off it!!!!


Look to the Cooloola lake proposed development of glamping huts. If you feel like it, support the initiative to leave the area as walk in camping, not develop the upper end camping. Over to you.

This petition is issued by David McCready 28 Toulambi St. Noosa Heads. 0411151523


2022-02-26 05:48:20

Thank you all for your support. The council voted unanimously 7 off 7 to support our initiative and overturn their plan to desecrate this site. It is not so often that Councils see sense as we might have it. We should applaud their open minds to accept an opposing view, one which is profitless in the conventional way, but of huge import.  The land is the victor, as are the trees , the koalas, the birds and of course the flying foxes. Again thanks.

This petition is issued by David McCready 28 Toulambi St. Noosa Heads. 0411151523

Progress with the campaign to protect the original zoning status of 30 Toulambi St Noosa Heads.

2022-02-16 01:23:44

In a Deputation to Noosa Council Monday 14/02, three supporters gave statements about and in support of the wildlife corridor that exists at 30 Toulambi St., where the park extends to Toulambi Street. Recent preservation and protection statements from Government for Australia's koala population underscored the necessity for protection of this zone. In one recent council report, evidence of koala claw marks on koala food trees in the zone were identified, showing recent transit to the Toulambi end of the zone.

Jan Davey identified three distinct flying fox types, resident in Pinaroo, who currently number to 4,000, swelling to many times that in migration season. The criticality of preservation of these eucalypt pollinators is of itself, sufficient reason to not intrude into that parkland zone.

Council unanimously supported the recommendations of Planning to cease investigation of 30 Toulambi for construction of housing and for the reversion to original zone status being Environmental Management, effectively protecting the site into the future. These unanimous opinions were expressed leading to ratification in a vote Thursday 17.02.

This petition is issued by David McCready 28 Toulambi St. Noosa Heads. 0411151523

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