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Petition has been send to Indiegogo

2022-04-07 08:35:14

The petition has been send to Indiegogo, If i get any reply i will share it with all of you.


Mail Send on 07/04/2022:

Dear Indiegogo, 

The project that you have placed in "under review" continues to refuse to pay the refund. Obviously they are not in the "production stage". In that case, we are still entitled to a refund according to the agreed conditions. 

The owner continues to lie to the backers, and delay/postpone things. 

In attachment I send you a petition signed by +70 backers. And we ask Indiegogo to take their responsibility in this and to remind the Owner of its obligations (refund) or take further steps. 

We understand that you have placed the campaign under "review". But if you don't share the results of this investigation with us, the owner will keep citing this to further slow things down. It's time for Indiegogo to take a firm stance/decision on this. 

We hope to receive a response from you soon,

Kind regards,

Ivan Verdonck 

Attached is a list of all persons who have signed, it would be nice if Indiegogo provided these "customers" with an answer.


Also Vernon and Lidia have been informed:

Mail Send on 07/04/2022:

Dear MicroDrone, Vernon, Lidia,

Attached is the email, along with the petition I sent to Indiegogo.

All we ask is that you fulfill what we are entitled to according to the agreed conditions. (Refund)

And for you to lower yourself to slander by the backers who have put MONEY and TRUST into your project is a disgrace.

We're waiting for Indiegogo's next steps... But don't worry, this isn't over yet... You still have our MONEY but no longer our TRUST.

You can't regain our TRUST, so you'll have to give back our MONEY too!

Kind regards,

Ivan Verdonck

Ivan Verdonck

Regarding MicroDrone Development Update

2022-03-16 09:05:28

It is clear that the drone is not “In Production” but still in beta testing, the update proves this again… so if we follow the terms we agreed, Vernon MUST refund us if we want:

Campain page FAQ:
Micro Drone 4.0 comes with full support that will be available long after the campaign is finished. Refunds are available up to the point where we start production.

We hope the petition get's signed even more, and we will ask Indiegogo to take responsability and support the backers in this clear violation of the terms we all agreed to.

Kind regards,

Ivan Verdonck

Ivan Verdonck

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