Application for review on tail docking position and ears cropping, from The OMVQ


We, ethical breeders and dog adopters from ethical and conscientious breeders, are asking you to revise your position has

"Prohibition of
«Interdiction de "l'Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec" regarding cosmetic surgeries on animals"

This is the heritage of many races, their stories, their origins are threatened. Breeders has the passion of their breed, they are devoted, they work hard to respect and keep the standard, has to dogs worthy of their origins. This is a part of the standard.

We, breeders members of the CKC rules, breeders of purebred dogs recognized by the FCC, and citizens of Quebec province, are asking you to revise the laws. So conscientious breeders who practice in the rules of art, with passion and dedication, can have free choice. And continue to work together with their allies, veterinarians, and to ensure appropriate quality care.


Ethical breeders in Quebec, and their supporters, needs your support, your comprehension.