Protect and Preserve Alexandria’s Old and Historic District - Petition to Disapprove Proposed Development at 301 N. Fairfax

To:  Mayor Justin Wilson; Alexandria City Council; Alexandria Planning Commission; Alexandria Board of Architectural Review  

We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Alexandria, VA and concerned Americans living outside of Alexandria are petitioning you to disapprove the new construction proposal for 301 N. Fairfax as it is currently presented. This proposed 98,465 (gross) square-foot, 4-story, 48-unit condo building, with a fifth floor of roof-top terraces, is contemporary in design and void of architectural elements that define the Old & Historic District’s (OAHD) historic architectural distinction noted in the Registry of Historic Places. The building would take up half a city block and overwhelm the OAHD’s 18th and 19th-century townhomes buildings with its stark, commercial design.

The developer is resorting to numerous variances and special permissions because the proposed development is too large and does not meet the open space, tree cover or architectural requirements of the OAHD, as defined in the Design Guidelines and Waterfront Small Area Plan.  Its mass and style degrade the architectural essence of the OAHD, the home to some of America’s most historic buildings that are connected to our Nation’s founding. They should not be overshadowed by a conspicuous example of getting growth and density wrong in a priceless area that has endured since our founders lived, fought, worked, and worshipped here. 

The OAHD’s rich history and architectural heritage hold national significance. We believe it is a collective responsibility to safeguard it for current and future generations. We ask you to prioritize OAHD’s unique historic and architectural fabric and preserve Alexandria OAHD by disapproving the 301 N. Fairfax proposal’s rezoning, special use, and modification requests until it is designed to be appropriately scaled and architecturally sympathetic to the architectural fabric of the Alexandria OAHD – our Nation’s historic district.



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