Close off McArthur/ Strandfontein Intersection

This is a petition to merely gauge the interest in closing off the McArthur entrance to Ext.10

We would like to suggest the benefits far outweigh the risks in that that closing off the intersection will :

  1. Eliminate the high risk of traffic incidents on this road
  2. Eliminate the use of a residential road as a thoroghfare for cars to speed through
  3. Facilitate the EPS system for Ext.10 as it will not be used as a thorogfare and thus any cars that are in the area can be identified as having a purpose for circulating.
  4. We expect this will make the area an exlusive residential area with no thorougfare this adding value to the area in the long run.

Those opposed have said that it may result:

  1. Risk for fire hazard - escape routes
  2. Traffic flow issues 


We know that closing off this entrance will not result in an elimination of the security and traffic risk issues but we are hoping that it will assist significantly. An extra 3 minutes to get in to and out of Ext.10 will not harm anyone in the long run and the populous of our community is not that great that we will have bottlenecks at the 2nd Ave access point.

If you feel that it may be a good idea, please sign the petition - it is not a final committment to the cause but an indicator for the committee to assess whether this is a matter we should further pursue.