Enhance the Flexibility of the Elective Module Classes


S.K.Infant Jesus Convent

Jalan Yahya Awal,

80100 Johor Bahru.

Date: 15th Mar 2013

Summary : To Enhance the Flexibility of the Elective Module Class

We, the undersigned, would like to bring to your notice the problem regarding (Elective Modules Class) and request recommendations to improve the situation detailed below.


According to the “PANDUAN MELAKSANAKAN MODUL ELEKTIF DI SEMUA SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN (SK)” ref: KP (BPSH-SPDK)201/005/02/JLD.2(31).Dated on 3rd January 2011. The Elective Modules had been category as below:


1) The grouping of the Elective Modules classes are Bahasa Arab, Bahasa Cina SK, Bahasa Tamil SK ,Bahasa Iban and Bahasa Kadazandusun.


2)The grouping of the Elective Modules Classes are (combination) Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik, DuniaSains dan Teknologi.


For the parents who didn’t select any Elective Modules under the particulars section, is compulsory to attend the Bahasa Arab Class.


We are strongly requested that the school should put the student’s needs as well as demand (Elective Modules classes_ Option2 : Combination , Bahasa Cina SK) into the considerations and constructs the more flexible schedules of the elective modules class (90 Mints).


We urge the school look into this matter seriously will only be beneficiary to the students and set positive way about handling the elective modules classes. We also insist that immediate action (Elective Modules classes_ Option2 : Combination, Bahasa Cina SK ) from the school will be much more appreciated.