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Greg Gouveia


2010-09-04 04:38

The new buyer is trying to move all the buildings to another town and close it at the present location. I have signed to leave it where it is. Enough people sign the petition they may have to leave it where it is. Help Them if you can. BUCKSKIN JOE`S

Tammy Smith

#2 Buckskin Joes

2010-09-05 03:52

When you think of Canon City you think of the wonderful historic places like Buckskin Joes. My husbands grandfather (Karol Smith) created it and to loose Buckskin Joes is to loose a part of his family and history.

I cant believe Greg T. sold it with no consideration with the affect it would have on Canon City and the many people who have such strong ties to it.

Beth Montano


2010-09-05 06:52

I hope the new owners will reconsider, it has been a part of Canon City as long as I can rember. I am in my 60's

Jessica Speer


2010-09-07 16:33

I was hoping somebody would stand up and try to stop this terrible thing from happening.  When I first heard they sold Buckskin Joe I actually cried because it is such a big part of this town and the history here.  I couldn't believe that anyone could take it away from us,.... I think this guy is selfish and obviously doesn't care about our small town because this sale will hurt us all in the end!!

John Caligaris

#5 He can sell it if he wants to - it's private property!

2010-09-08 18:36

I'll bet none of you signers have paid an entrance fee to the place in years!  Where was your support when he was barely hanging on financially?  You want to stop it from leaving, buy it and try making it successful.    But don't try to stop a private individual from doing what he wants with his own property.



2010-09-19 00:17

Well John many of us have. Greg would never let anyone in for free even if they are the grandchildren of the man who brought it here. When Karol had it HE brought the films to Buckskin he didnt just sit and hope they would come to him. Karol made it happen. Whats next moving the bridge too? He also hired younge guys from acting school from the east for gun fighters instead of hiring from the community. Also the "Town of Terror" is state wide known. I am sure he could have sold it with out moving it.  

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2010-09-19 00:18


#8 Re:

2010-09-19 00:23

#4: Jessica Speer -  

 Its not that no one tried. He sold it then told everyone. The Denver historical society said that it would take months to try to place it on a list for historic places. I am sure he did it in the matter he did knowing we would try to stop this from happening.

I hope the new owner will see how much it ment to so many and still give us the oppritunity to see it.

I hope he will give Buckskin Joes a better chance at movies and showing the world about it then Greg T. did.



2011-04-06 12:00

#1: Greg Gouveia - LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS. 

 I agree with u but haven't they already moved the town. It belongs to Canon City



2011-04-06 12:02

#9: karen - Re: LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS. 

 Where did the new owner move Buckin Joes to?



2011-10-10 01:47

Visited Buckskin Joe's with my 9 year old daughter in 2009 and really loved the place. It was our first vacation in Colorado and we were looking forward to returning for another visit in 2012. It will not be the same without Buckskin Joe's. a really sad day for Canon City.

Somchai Chantananad.

United Kingdom.

#12 Cannon city

2011-12-27 23:40

Me and my family are from philadelphia pa and i was station at fort carscannon cityon we had a lot of good times out at buckskin joes what i do not under stand is why theory
that run city did not do anything to keep buckskin joes jdontknow why we should. Come back to cannon city
James H.

#13 #13

2012-09-29 22:29

Nearly everyone on here is crazy. The man has every right to buy sell or trade any business he wants too.I worked there for 5 seasons and I'm sad to to see it go but it is what it is. It's called America, remember, if someone wants to start piping up about what Greg should or shouldn't do then you should split the cost to keep it(which is probably a number no one wants to see). But we all know that won't happen and to claim it as part of canon city is well beyond republic, more like communist. If that's the case why doesn't canon city also claim your house Karen or my house. It's not right if it happens to you or me so why say it's ok to take from some one who fought through the hard times to make money to purchase land and an attraction like Buckskin Joe's. Good for you Greg I hope you live a good life and enjoy the money that you earned.


2013-01-17 03:17

Went there as a young boy with my parents, then with my kids, and also my grandchildren. Leave it alone!