Restore the peace at Awen

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James C. WIlliams

#1 Awen B&B's Petition

2010-11-08 21:26

To all who read this, the idea of a disruption invading the peace of Awen B&B's quiet beauty is unthinkable. My hopes are that those in charge of deciding the issue of the multi-use game area see fit to relocate it. As I see things, the need to relocate is much more than just for the B&B. I recognize the need for Abercarne to have a place for their youth to socialize, but it is obvious that this location is wrong due to the lack of supervision as well as the lack of respect for the properties impacted by the unfortunate anti-social and disruptive behavior there.

Please relocate the MUGA.
Grace and Alun

#2 Write an email for peace at Awen

2010-11-09 01:22

The local powers that be can be found here

if you have a minute to send an email on our behalf we would be most grateful.

The MP and Assembly Members are the most important

Thank you so much for your support

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