Support the improvement of the legislation for TB patients in Romania



2014-10-06 17:17

I am a TB nurse in the U.S.A. There is so much suffering in Eastern European Countries due to TB that is UNNECESSARY and can be prevented by using adequate and relatively simple treatment and prevention. It requires significant coordination and cooperation between legislators, Public Health personnel, and medical providers to adequately control TB. Having proper authority and resources are essential for success.



2014-10-07 19:00

GO go go ,we should target zero death to TB


2014-10-08 00:53

I am an XDR-TB survivor from the Philippines. I hope that this bill be passed and I wish that something like this can be drafted here in my country.



2014-10-08 10:00

TB patients have the right to health and care.



2014-10-08 17:21

Because access to health care Prevention and treatment) should be universal. It benefits us all.



2014-10-09 02:18

In my country, even though the government provide the drugs for free, still, the TB cannot get rid off. I cannot imagine if you still have to pay for it. What the next generation will faced?



2014-10-09 04:36

A great initiation taken by TB activists in Romania. It will help others to initiate such activities in their own country so that attention of concerned authorities and general people will be drawn.
Jonathan Stillo


2014-10-09 20:06

TB in Romania, especially drug resistant TB is a major health problem that has been neglected in recent years. What this means is that 1000s of unnecessary deaths have occurred due to a completely curable disease. This is a national disaster, but not one which cannot be fixed. This draft law is a great start! To read more on what is happing in Romania with MDR-TB here are two recent articles :



2014-10-16 13:02

The over 18,000 prisoners that i closely work with in 88 correctional facilities in Zambia are dying from TB in dozens every day. The situation is not only aggressive for those co-infected with HIV but affects each and every inmate due to extreme congestion. Built to only shelter 5,250 inmates prior to the country's independence 50 years ago, only one major prison with a capacity of holding 600 prisoners has been built in 5 decades! The isolation cells, meant to shelter those in isolation after being infected with TB are equally overcrowded as prisoners escape from the congested dormitories and cells in search of spacious rooms and find themselves sharing cells with prisoners with severe TB infections that even include multi-drug resistant TB. My mineral rich-resource but very poor developing country needs to improve on legislation and other outdated policies passed over from the British colonial masters if the lives of prisoners in Zambian prisons are to be saved, save for the transmission of MDR-TB by those being discharged or pardoned and leaving prison to get reintegrated into their communities.