Let docked dogs be shown in Northern Ireland

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George Corneille


2011-01-10 19:02

Crazy! Political correctness gone seriously wrong.Political point scoring at its worst.If they were genuinely interested in animal welfare there are plenty of far more serious animal welfare issues to focus their undoubted energy on such as puppy farms,dog fighting and how about stiffer penalties for the perpetrators of animal cruelty.
sharon thornton

#2 Docking

2011-01-10 19:17

Why do people who have no or very little knowledge of dog showing and breeding feel they have the right to impose their laws on us. Have any of them ever thought of sitting down and discussing it in depth with the experienced breeders. Maybe then they would be aware of the positive aspects of docking and the future suffering that maybe inflicted on dogs that are not docked. If they contacted vets in England they would also be aware of the increased number of amputations required on older dogs who has suffered tail damage later in life. Why should we be penalised for docking our dogs when it was legal at the time!!!!!
Paul Moran

#3 More important issues,

2011-01-11 00:39

Surely their are more important issues at hand than trying to destroy a Passtime or Hobby of many People who are resident in the North of Ireland.

#4 Re: More important issues,

2011-01-11 01:33

#3: Paul Moran - More important issues,  

 I would like to know who is pushing for this new Law, Id say it has to be someone with little else to do with their Lives. If it goes through it will be a sign that stupid Political decisions are not only made in Southern Ireland.

Maynard Collins

#5 Equal Rights For Dog Owners

2011-01-11 02:13

With this proposed legislation are we going to see equal rights for Dog Show Exhibitors, does this mean that sheep that are cosmetically docked going to be excluded also from Agricultural Shows such as Balmoral, is showjumping also going to be stopped because of the unnecessary suffering a rider inposes on the horses back. I think not its money that talks were the vets are concerned.

#6 Re: Re: More important issues,

2011-01-11 02:15

#4: Guest - Re: More important issues,  

 ROY BEGGS MLA   Thats who the leader of the pack is - Shame on him

carmel clarke-oneill


2011-01-11 02:45

Legally docked dogs should not be discriminated against with events having a paying gate. If all requirements are met to be legally docked they should have the right to be exhibited or it is clear discrimination.
Animal welfare should look at all livestock equally eg sheep are allowed to be docked as the build up of excrement causes infections etc! Look at it properly its because the farmers do not have enough time to give them individual attention as they have too many ! A sponge would clearly prevent this build up !!! They are therefore allowed for convenience unlike dogs that have a genuine reason for docking
Even the ear tagging on cattle that causes injury to the ear when it catches on something resulting in a tear which causes pain and possible infection. The reasons why docking came into force hasn't changed with the passage of time, and does not cause the pup any pain when done at the correct time, therefore it should not be discriminated from one dog to another
Samantha Walsh

#8 Showing Docked Dogs

2011-01-11 14:14

Do the MPs realise that the docked dogs that are currently going to shows in Northern Ireland are Docked in Southern Ireland. Where there is NO BAN. This means the shows will be losing out and their entries will decrease. With this happening many shows may not be able to carry on and therefore have to foreclose, DUE TO A LACK OF MONEY FROM ENTRIES.

It is a terrible idea and feel that the MP's do have better things to be worried about other then if dogs are DOCKED or not.
Docking a dog does not cause any puppy any unnecessary pain and dont understand why the government feel they need to bring in this ban.

Francisco Aguilo

#9 Shown docked dogs in ireland

2011-01-11 14:27

Owners must have the right to dock their dogs and show them, as they do to spay or nutered the ones that are pets with no medical reasons.
It is difficult for me to understand how can some countries not allowed to dock or crop dogs, meanwhile you see childrens in some of those countries with tatooes or percings in their boddies.........
just a comment,
Geoff Caunt

#10 Docking in Ireland

2011-01-11 20:38

If the bill to end docking in Ireland succeeds then anothe nation displaying common sense will also be lost.
Michael Estill

#11 Docking

2011-01-11 22:38

All the problems that there are in the world and we are now back trying to fight another proposed docking ban!
Do we as responsible breeders and show people have any rights in our hobby anymore?
If the authorities feel that it is cruel why allow other breeds to be done!
Authorities need to look at New Zealands docking law AS ONCE BANNED and now REVOKED allowing for docking to take place.
Come on DARD, see sense and revoke these proposals. Start supporting true responsible breeders and show people of the dog world!
How many legaly docked dogs do you see with tail injury compared to undocked dogs?
As for banning docked dogs been shown what has SHOWING got to do with the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT?


#12 Re: Docking

2011-01-11 23:22

#11: Michael Estill - Docking 

 its hardly in the dogs best interest months of agony after damaging its tail numerous trips to vets then having to be put down as it would be illegal to dock tails

thats some law the height of stupidity

Eleanor Bailie

#13 re docking

2011-01-12 00:51

What has showing got to do with the Animal Welfare act Why should we be penalised for docking our dogs when it was legal at the time. To stop dog that have been dock from showing will seriously affecting dog clubs in Northern Ireland
Show Dogs Ireland
The author of this petition


2011-01-12 19:07

The proposed act will not prevent dogs docked before the legislation date from showing only those that are docked after the date of legislation and by all accounts our puppy of now will be approaching veteran by the time this legislation takes affect!


#15 This is wrong.

2011-01-12 21:11

It seems very trivial that with all the problems in today's Society that MLA'S are talking about "Docking Tails". When will we ever learn.?

#16 Re:

2011-01-12 21:56

#14: Show Dogs Ireland -  

 Showdogs, please explain your interpretation of legislation dates?

Andrea O\'Donnell

#17 Let docked dogs be shown in Northern Ireland

2011-01-13 13:36

The NI Assembly is simply going to add to the confusion surrounding all matters relating to dogs in today's society. It is a thoughtless and knee-jerk response. Their time would be better spent investigating the puppy farms where all sorts of brutality is carried on daily. No-one is saying the show world is perfect, but it represents only a fraction of the dogs and breeders that exist. The vast majority of them have the best interests of their dogs at heart. Work with these people, not against them.
Docked breed owner

#18 Re:

2011-01-13 22:24

#14: Show Dogs Ireland -  

 This may well be true but it will be the start of the end. At the meeting which took place last year in the Balmoral Hotel about the animal welfare act, docking was not even supposed to be on the agenda. However as you know it was, as a side line. We have to show our objection and try to inform these people better of what is invovled and how it may save the dog from tail damage later in life. This act will be sneaked in under the raydar if we dont stand our ground now. We may not be able to stop this act but we have to try. We appreciate all your help and information on this matter. 

Ray Hawksbee

#19 Mr Ray Hawksbee

2011-01-14 09:57

If it isnt broken then dont try to fix it.
Freedom of choice is so important the world over. Dont just follow others become a leader set the pace for others to follow.Champion peoples right to have the choice to dock or not.
margherita rizzi

#20 petition for docked dogs

2011-01-14 10:14

it is better for the dog in the sanitary contest
Alan Martin

#21 Tail Docking

2011-01-14 20:38

As a tax and rate payer, as well as owner, breeder and exhibitor of show dogs customarily docked, it is totally beyond my comprehension, why, in these critical times when our economy is spiralling downwards out of control, public services are in utter and complete disarray and the threat of renewed terrorism is on the increase how our so-called legislators can have the arrogance and audacity to waste public time and money sitting on committees to discuss legislation about the docking of dogs' tails. Do any of these people have first hand knowledge of this subject or are they just acting as puppets to the DARD? Is this just another feeble attempt to justify the politicians existence by enacting legislation attacking a small and law abiding section of our community (easy targets come to mind). I say leave the decision on tail docking to the people who are the real guardians of the interests of these magnificent breeds ie. the people who have dedicated their lives to the welfare of their dogs.
Remember Dog Owners are also electors!!!

#22 tail docking

2011-01-17 03:42

I feel strongly regarding this subject that the people in POLITICS dont know NOTHING about this procedure.
Please Mr Roy Beggs could you explain how this procedure is carried out?
There is so much ANIMAL CRUELTY in this world so why pick on the TRUE GENUINE RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS that LOVE their DOCKED BREED.


Sotiris Angelopoulos


2011-01-20 13:01

Let beauty live...
Ronald Atherton

#24 let docked dogs be shown in northern ireland

2011-01-20 15:40

I want docked dogs to be permitted to be shown in dog shows in northern ireland.
Paul Moran

#25 Tail Docking

2011-01-23 00:51

By going ahead with this new Legislation you are interfering with the Passtime, and Sport of many thousands of people in Northern Ireland. Dont drag Politics into the gutter by taking this subject any further.