Gilead: Please ask Health Canada to approve Truvada for PrEP

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2015-04-28 19:25

We need this drug to save lives of gay men.



2015-04-28 19:54

This product is a great strategy for HIV prevention... Keeping it from the approved list is keeping it from the people that need it most. Once it is approved by health Canada, it will open doors for people to access the drug through their insurance schemes and other available resources.



2015-04-28 22:31

Let's stop the spread of HIV!



2015-04-28 23:53

Glad to see folks mobilizing.

"Link arms!"



2015-04-29 02:53

PrEP is in the interest of everyone. Gilead makes more profit, people are better protected, and government benefits from improved public health. Want to end global AIDS and the HIV pandemic? This is a step in that direction.



2015-04-29 17:23

I signed this petition because PrEP saves lives by preventing the spread of hiv.



2015-04-30 18:43

Having affordable and accessible medicine available that can prevent infection as well as being proactive in health care only helps to ensure we have a brighter, stronger, and healthier tomorrow.



2015-04-30 19:11

Because I think it's important to remove barriers to accessing HIV prevention techniques for vulnerable populations.



2015-05-01 20:39

We actually have the ability to end HIV in my lifetime; anything or anyone that can help that come true has the moral and societal obligation to do so.



2015-05-02 16:55

Because I believe steps should be taken to ensure the spread of HIV is minimized as much as possible, and this is the way to do it! Many cannot afford it, so make it happen!



2015-05-04 18:49

I signed this petition because Truvada as PrEP is an effective way to prevent HIV transmission and because we need to use every tool in the toolbox to lessen the incidence of HIV in Canada.



2015-05-05 03:49

It is one of the bet drugs out there to help hiv



2015-05-05 16:09

I have volunteered, worked with NGO's, sexual health clinics and have served on government advisory commissions. PrEP could be a great tool in prevention of HIV when used as park of a total prevention plan. It is also true that any costs incurred in providing PrEP are an investment in much higher expendatures should an individual become HIV infected and enter the health care system.



2015-05-08 08:31

I didn't even know that it wasn't available in Canada at this point. I actually had intentions of going to speak to my doctor about it when I was home next. This sort of preventative measure in the fight against HIV should be everyone's right to excersize.



2015-05-12 02:42

I hope this movement will help prevent the spread of this disease to prevent future generations from needing to worry about infection



2015-05-12 03:56

People taking Truvada now are saving themselves/insuranceCompanies the expense of possibly having to take more expensive drug treatments later if exposed to HIV



2015-05-12 11:42

I signed because prep is another important protection against hiv that I wish I had had access to.



2015-05-12 16:32

It makes sense to prevent now ; instead of more HIV INFECTIONS; cost more on health field if more hiv than providing prevention before !!



2015-05-12 19:01

If we have the tools to help stop the spread of HIV it just makes sense to make them available to everyone who would like to take it. Why not stop the spread of HIV if we can?



2015-05-12 20:58

On behalf if those individuals involved in sero-discordant relationships; this has at it's core the ability for humans to focus their energy on love rather than besiege themselves with constant fear.



2015-05-13 01:11

Because Health Canada needs to wake up and see that this is a crucial step towards the beginning of the end of this epidemic! !



2015-05-13 21:45

This drug needs to be accessible in Canada for all parties who are susceptible to Hiv.



2015-05-15 09:43

Duh ? A no brainer



2015-05-15 15:26

Been on it 6 months and going strong



2015-05-15 17:06

This potentially life saving drug should not be financially out of reach for those who should be using it . It is important.