Save the Historic Terrace Theatre

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2015-05-07 11:20



2015-05-07 12:21

It would be a crime not to revive this beautiful treasure of a theatre - many hours of wonderful memories spent there!



2015-05-07 12:56

The Terrace is not only a beautiful historic building but a true Robbinsdale landmark.Let's repurpose this wonderful structure!



2015-05-07 13:13

It's a shame the owners of the building have abandoned it.



2015-05-07 13:58

There are so many creative and useful options for this historic building! It would be a shame for Robbinsdale not to capitalize on this opportunity.



2015-05-07 14:39

My dad used to go to this theater with his mother, and loved it very much. It's saddened him to drive past it, knowing well that it could still be open and creating more memories for our family. His description of the theater, and seeing films there, has inspired me to get behind this cause. I hope to experience the same things as my dad, and be able to share those memories with him.



2015-05-07 14:45

The Terrace Theater is well worth saving for its historical style and Millions of memories. It would be a crime to see it go, and a big plus for the city of Robbinsdale!



2015-05-07 19:48

Sentimental reasons. I saw my first movie at that theatre. Double feature with "Snow White & Peter Pan" . I was around 5 years old.



2015-05-07 20:12

When I lived in Robbinsdale in the mid 90's, my husband and I went to the Terrace Theatre to view movies and there were times we took our three kids as well. I think it's important for Robbinsdale to save the Terrace Theatre so our kids' kids can enjoy the history of the building as well as the movies.



2015-05-07 20:49

I loved going to the Terrace theater as a kid. It is truly a gem and should be saved for future generations. South Minneapolis has their Riverview Theater, we need representation for the North end of town!! "If you save it, they will come."



2015-05-07 23:32

This beautiful building deserves saving. I also worked there in HS



2015-05-08 01:01

The Terrace Theatre was so beautiful and could be a major boon to the City of Robbinsdale if restored. There are a growing number of old theatres being revived and the interest in local plays and performances is well received.



2015-05-08 01:06

Spent my formative years in Robbinsdale and the Terrace Theater.



2015-05-08 02:50

The Terrace Theater is a longstanding landmark in Robbinsdale.  I and my family used to enjoying viewing movies at this theater and it is part of the history of Robbinsdale. 



2015-05-08 03:18

It's been empty far too long.



2015-05-08 03:33

I'm a lifelong resident of Robbinsdale and have always lnown the landmark as a symbol of my hometown. I saw movies there since the mid-fifties. I was around for the bastardization of the theater proper and appreciated that they never messed with the beautiful lobby. It's time to return her to the grand lady she was.



2015-05-08 03:45

My idea is to restore this back to a movie theater, with benefits. It would be a one screen movie theater with a performance stage.

The Lobby area should return to its original grandeur and be available to rent for weddings and catered events.

The Performance Stage would provide a space for local performances. The local schools could have a bigger venue for their performances. The schools alone could keep the seats filled! Spring and Fall concerts, Spring and Fall plays, graduations. Local dance troupes and gymnastics! Community theatre!

If Windom can do it, why can’t Robbinsdale?

These are not only ideas, but awesome opportunities!



2015-05-08 05:01

I grew up in Crystal, Mn.
This was a huge part of my childhood, it needs to be saved for future children to enjoy as much as I did!!



2015-05-08 06:11

The terrace is historic both in Theater Design and in Robbinsdale and NorthWest Twin Cities history! It is an icon in the community, and its preservation will create a community asset and contribute to "putting the city on the map". If a public use can be found, it will also be a regional draw, and an anchor for community spirit.



2015-05-08 10:50

To this day everyone still talks about this one of a kind state of the art theater. Renovate and bring to life in some meaningful way. Do not deatroy



2015-05-08 14:13

I grew up in Robbinsdale and spent many Saturdays at the Terrace matinees as a kid. At the time, we lived only a few blocks away and I'd walk there with my neighborhood friends. I remember going to the evening shows when I got older and being impressed with the beautiful coffee lounge area.



2015-05-08 14:22

Because historic structures are economic drivers for our communities and as a resident of Robbinsdale I am angry that this building have been allowed to sit vacant for so long. Demolition is not the economic or environmentally intelligent thing to do, reuse is! Put the building back to work for financial benefit of the owner and the benefit of my town.



2015-05-08 14:49

The Terrace Theater is a beatiful and unique piece of American architecture and deserves to be restored.



2015-05-08 15:02

This theatre is iconic for Robbinsdale. Tearing it down would be a huge loss for everyone who has personal memory of the theatre and a disregard of the unique architecture of the iconic building. It is a big part of our history and should not be lost to the wreckers. Diane Jacobson McGee, President of Robbinsdale Historical Society



2015-05-08 15:32

With so few good examples of this period of architecture left I feel that this Theatre should be saved.