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Susan Beck


2015-06-25 15:51

Much has been said that keeping this show on TLC will send the wrong message to abuse victims. I disagree that the message would be a negative one. TLC has a golden opportunity to send the message that there is hope and recovery after something like this: There is hope for victims to smile and dream and live in peace again; to feel well and whole and happy; that there is a moving beyond pain and confusion; that abuse does not have to define their lives. There is also hope for offenders to be honest, ask for help, receive help, and turn their lives into something better. Take this opportunity to be courageous and show the world an example of beauty from ashes and hope from defeat. That's a reality we all need to see.



2015-06-25 16:26

I love and respect the Duggar family. What family does not have something happen that they are not proud of? They handled it well and it was viciously brought to the public's attention. They deserve (and so do their many fans) to have them back on TV!



2015-06-25 16:47

They are a good family. What happened was a long time ago. Josh was forgiven and this should never have been made public. He was just a curious teenager. I'm sure many others have done the same thing. They just didn't tell anyone.



2015-06-25 16:49

Because I love the Duggars,I love how they raise their children to serve God and have morals and I love how everyone works together,I miss them and I'm praying that if it be his will,God will make a away to bring them back.



2015-06-25 16:55

I love the show :) What Josh did was wrong but his parents handled it when it happened and kept the girls safe . I feel Josh repented to the lord .... Why are we to judge? They are a good christian family that gives to the world .... why would i want to hinder that?



2015-06-25 17:36

I want this family back on tv asap I love this family its the best show on TLC



2015-06-25 19:06

The Duggar family has been slandered and humiliated and it is wrong. There are so many of us that want to see them back on TLC or anyother channel that is smart enough to get them.


2015-06-25 19:29

Granted, what Josh did many years ago as a young teen was wrong. However, his actions were addressed along with the females who were his victims (unless you were personally there, you can't speculate as to what truly happened for that is wrong in all levels). They are being judged on legal matter that should have never gone public due to being a minor at the time. It is clear someone had it in for the family to be able to pull this private matter to the public forefront and expose something that should have stayed sealed! TLC has opted to position itself in the interim as judgemental of a Christian family because it seems the PC thing to do. 



2015-06-25 21:34

I love the show



2015-06-25 23:40

I really miss my show.



2015-06-26 03:58

I believe in grace and forgiveness and love. This family demonstrates these traits and I would be so honored to spend even one day with them and watching them gives me inspiration to be a better mom, wife and person altogether. We all make mistakes and no one person is perfect except our Lord and Savior and He demands forgiveness and so we shall. Shame on the media for illegally revealing a minors report. So I stand up for those who can't and for what is right, even when others don't agree. Bring back the Duggars!



2015-06-26 04:07

The incident with Josh should never have been made public . It was handled, it was in the past, let it go! Josh faced God, repented & asked for forgiveness. He also faced his victims. He has grown into a model citizen. Jill said it best in her interview - " We are not a TV family, we're a family that happens to be on TV " .  



2015-06-26 04:39

This show is a fantastic clean show. I think that the parents handled a bad situation the best way they knew how.



2015-06-26 17:12

I've been a huge fan of the show for six years and it gives me great passion and hope of everything that I occur in my life. And most importantly, The Duggar family are a great influence to me because they showed their respect, responsibilities and their love with god. And every other families should always feel the same way as my family and I are. I love the Duggar family so much and I wanna see more future events from them.



2015-06-26 19:08

Bring back the Duggers



2015-06-26 19:35

Because I totally agree with what has been said in this petition. Bring them back!



2015-06-26 21:14

Youth make mistakes. Sometimes because they were abused by someone themselves.



2015-06-27 02:21

The information about Josh NEVER should have been released! He was a kid! Who doesn't make bad choices as a kid? Isn't it more important that he confessed, took steps to address the situation, repented, and asked for forgiveness? He told Anna about the situation before they were even courting. He wasn't trying to hide anything from the people who needed to know. He realized that he made a bad choice and he took necessary steps to stop. He was 14 when this happened! For goodness sake, there are 12 year olds having sex!



2015-06-27 13:12

I do not think that it is right that the whole family has to pay for the past. I very much enjoy seeing the family as they deal with everyday living. It is beyond my comprehension why the address of the victims was not blotted out in the report. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the victims lived in the Duggar home. The victims are minors and the report should have at least been discreet with the location of the incidents. Just because this was not tried in a court of law does not change the fact that the general public would be informed of who the victims were by looking at the address of the victim. Shame on them!!



2015-06-28 05:58

I am tired of watching shows and listening to leftist gay, transgender groups advocating controversial life styles that are anti biblical and pushing these lifestyles on our youth through media, TV, and even in our classrooms, confusing them to teach them not only tolerance but by calling Christianity a hate group now because they believe Marriage should be between one man and one woman. If a Christian sins even as a young boy child like Josh they call him a pedophile hypocrite. It's good to show we are human as Christians and are all sinners, but God forgives us when we truly repent. We need a family show like the .. They need another chance to prove that God forgives and to never give up on seeking him and receiving his Grace and forgiveness in this fallen world.



2015-06-28 22:40

Everyone makes mistakes. It was taken care of many years ago with counseling and prayer. And the only reason it was brought up was because a gossip magazine found records that shouldn't have been public. The Duggars teach values that you don't find very much anymore. There is so much garbage on TV. It's nice to have something wholesome to watch.



2015-06-28 23:08

This country needs more Christian families on TV. Sad to see the show on about Jess the boy who dresses as a girl.



2015-06-29 01:24

There are so many of us who support the Duggars. Their Duggar Family Official facebook page has over 700k followers. Please do not bow down to the bullies. They have had an agenda against the Duggars, and it's not right! TLC You know this family, your network has worked with them for many years, your camera crew loves them. I hope and pray that you do the right thing



2015-06-29 05:11

I love the family.. No family is perfect. Why punish them for not being perfect.



2015-06-29 05:14

Josh has been forgivin, I want the show back on the air! :)