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2015-07-04 22:13

I signed this petition because many other kids and I want the Youtube Channel, "dodgerfilms" to still be alive for our entertainment.



2015-07-04 22:14

I love Dodgerfilms.



2015-07-04 22:15

Because Bobby Crosby is doing a great thing by promoting baseball and his genuine acts of kindness, comedy, and friendliness! SAVEDODGERFILMS



2015-07-04 22:31

I always came home to watch dodgerfilms... I don't now what to do without it.



2015-07-04 22:32




2015-07-04 22:33

It is unfair that he can't record videos. I love them!



2015-07-04 22:39

I signed the petition because Bobby is a nice guy who deserves to be able to record Dodger games. When I was bored I found Dodgerfilms and it has been a fun part of my life ever since. I'd thank the Dodgers so much if they'd let Bob record more Dodgerfilms. Thank you, for your time.



2015-07-04 22:44

To save what is the best videos ever



2015-07-04 22:48

Dodgerfilms is awesome and can kill time when I need too. He inspires more people to come to the games. Dodgers and MLB dodgerfilms is a positive inspiration.



2015-07-04 22:56

Because dodger films is the best YouTuber ever and he deserves to keep making videos




2015-07-04 22:59

Bobby Crosby and Dodgerfilms are AWESOME!!!!!



2015-07-04 23:21

I'm honestly so sad



2015-07-04 23:21

Dodgerfilms wasn't trying to reproduce a full game. He was actually helping MLB by giving fans a different view of the game.



2015-07-04 23:31

I love dodgerfilms



2015-07-04 23:32

This is the best YouTube channel in the world



2015-07-04 23:38

I love Dodgerfilms and feel it should return



2015-07-04 23:43

There was once a time where I forgot who the dodgers even were then on youtube I got bored and decided to look up catching home run balls and sure enough I found dodgerfilms and instantly the dodgers were one of my favorite baseball teams



2015-07-04 23:45

I signed this petition because I love dodgerfilms I used to hate baseball but because of his videos I love baseball and play it



2015-07-04 23:47

Because I want to watch dodgerfilms



2015-07-04 23:50

It's really cool to see a dodger game from Bob's point of view

#221 #SaveDodgerfilms

2015-07-04 23:52

Dodger films is good for Dodgers and babseball. Bring back Dodger films!



2015-07-04 23:52

Because the MLB is bullshit. This is great for the younger fans. Baseball is dying among youth.



2015-07-05 00:00

I have always been faithful to my hometown team. The Detroit Tigers. But ever since I came across Dodger Films. I felt like I could be a season ticket holder along with Bobby, Steve, and Benny. Even though I never met them in my life. Dodger Films gave me not only a good baseball game experience but a first person view of catching a home run ball coming right for you



2015-07-05 00:14

Because I love D-Films



2015-07-05 00:18

Watching DodgerFlims On YouTube Was Awesome... I Remembered Watching The First Video That Got Me Watching... When He Caught A Home Run And Made It On TV... Watching It Made Everything Change Of How I Go To Baseball Games... I've Learned So Many Things From Watching Him Like Sitting In The Spot Where The Ball Most Likely Will Go... And Because Of Watching Him On June 18th 2015... I Caught My First Home Run Ball At An Oakland Athletics Game... Because I Learned From Him... Because Of Him Me And My Friends Have A Contest To See Who Can Get The Most Baseballs In A Season Just Like Him And His Friends... Everyone Loves His Videos And He Has Been Doing This For 7 Years So Why End This Now? Let Him Do What He Loves Because Not Only Do Kids And Adults Love His Videos... The Actual Baseball Players Watch Them Too And Subscribed To Him As Well... This Is The Coolest Thing That Everybody Loves Don't Take It Away... #SaveDodgerFlims