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2015-10-13 14:50

Everyone should be in titled to do up their loved ones plot and make it lovely and whatever way they want it, not to pay hunners for it and not a lot to do a thing!!

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2015-10-13 14:56

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2015-10-13 16:26

Disgraceful!!,, u shld be allowed 2 put things ie teddy bears,, flowers,,pictures on loved 1's grave as it means something 2 the families.



2015-10-13 18:24

Discusting people should be allowed to grief the way they want and place memorable things at the grave side if they wish



2015-10-13 21:38

I Think That You Shld Be Allowed To Put Wht You Want At Familys Grave. X



2015-10-13 22:10

My friend lost her son 2 yrs ago and received a letter today from local council saying she has to remove things from his grave it's a absolute disgrace as if she hasn't been through enough losing her child. The council should be ashamed of themselves. Don't see them rushing about when people's resting place is vandalised or stolen from



2015-10-13 22:18

I think this is a disgrace , leave these family's alone let them use the space they payed for , to put nice little things on there loved ones resting place they have been through enough , what harm is it actualy doing ?? I have an idea use money that's been wasted on paper envelops etc put it to better use maybe say catch the people dumping there house hold furniture in the cemetery !!!!!!!!!!!!!



2015-10-14 09:13

My baby girl was born fast asleep and grave diggers tried tell me a was only aloud headstone though I fenced my daughters off and gave her more room and got done a memeriol tree aswell xx

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2015-10-14 10:58

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 Wee were told aswell that wee need to move everything our baby boy has a fence, lights, plaques, teddy's ect and they want us to remove it all and only have a headstone! How can they expect you not to buy your baby? Me & my partner have another 3 kids between us and wee will never make a difference they will all be spoiled as much as each other doesn't mean cause our baby's ain't here anymore wee won't get them new things its a joke!! Wee should be allowed to put what wee want they are our baby's xx



2015-10-14 11:38

You should be allowed to put your own stuff within reason on your loved ones plot



2015-10-14 13:38

My son died just 2 years ago and we would like to be able to put something that represents him on his plot x x



2015-10-14 17:55

As I have a family grave myself I think it is our rite to put anything on it that isn't offensive



2015-10-14 19:10

These council workers should realise that the family of Baby Daniel and any other families that have or are going through the unimaginable like Charlene and her partner are suffering enough and do not need any more stress or or upset by being oredered to remove items from the Babys resting place. Surely people should be allowed to place what they feel necessary for their loved ones !! 


Charlene did they give yous any reason why items have to be removed ?? x


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2015-10-14 21:11

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 At first they said the were encroaching onto an adjacent lair and then when they where told wee haven't taken up all our baby's grave never mind anyone else's they then said they want it moved cause it causes problems for when they are cutting the grass so I says I would cut my own baby's grass then they said nobodies allowed them they have sent a few laters out to people well I don't care what they say I'm more than happy to cut my sons grass when needed so there is no need for anything to be removed as it ain't a problem to them anymore! I'm meeting the council guy there tomorrow and he will be told again it all stays where it is nobody will dictate what I can and can't buy my baby he will always be treated the same as my other kids I won't make a difference just because he ain't here anymore just to satisfy them idiots x 


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2015-10-14 23:54

#14: Charlene - Re:  

 Ats shocking !! Whoevers making up the rules should be ashamed if themselves!! 

Your just right standing your ground wi em ... they should realise the resting place is were u can feel close to your baby boy !!  

Exactly if theyr sayn reason is coz causes problems wen cuttin grass then uv offered a solution by offering to cut it yourselves so they shouldve accepted that! I didnt think er was rules as to wat families can place at the headstones of their loved ones. U should go to ur MP n tele if need be n show the whole toon how grieving parents are getting treated by their local council !!! 


Keep Your Chin Up xx







2015-10-15 13:02

I believe that once a plot is purchased then it should be then be the property of the purchaser and by such this should allow them to place any items on the graveside in memory of those who they have loved dear and lost.
I appreciate that maintaining the grounds can become an issue but if the owner is willing to sign documentation to assume sole responsibility of such maintenance then they should be permitted to display items as they wish of course taking into consideration neighbouring resting places and not leaving the boundaries of their own family plot.
It is not a cheap business to bury a loved one and emotionally not an easy one and what makes it a little bit more bearable is being able to create a resting place the family can visit without the threat of having the local authority remove items that have been chosen with love for the departed.
I am sure there are many more pressing matters the local authority could be dealing with than causing upset to families suffering already.



2015-10-15 14:20

The land is owned by the family. Simple as that. Leave them be.



2015-10-15 19:35

Because in my opinion if someone buys a plot for a love one then they should be aloud too place whatever they want on it in memory of thair loved ones without the council trying too dig their noses in (y)



2015-10-25 18:14

I think anyone who has lost a family member and paid for a plot then its there rite to put anything up especialy a wee baby



2015-11-02 16:15

Because this is ridicules



2015-11-02 16:16

It's rediculas



2015-11-04 13:44

I think you should be alloud to put what ever you want on the grave and a think that is really cheeky asking you to take stuff off !!!!



2015-11-04 13:52

Should be able to place anything you want to on loved ones graves. As long as its within the plot and not spilling out into other people's land who cares xx



2015-11-04 14:03

I signed as i think these ppl shud b allowed to have nice things for there baby son on display and if it helps them greive all the better x



2015-11-04 14:24

I think that you should be able to place things on a grave if this give you comfort. I visited a cemetery in Austria at Christmas time which was beautiful, this had been decorated by relative with small Christmas trees with baubles and lights, I think grieving families should be allowed to place items on the plot of ground where there love ones are as they have purchased the plot and as long as it's not offensive, why do the council not repair the gravestones that are lying destroyed then if the cemetery still belongs to them, I think there is nothing nicer than a grave that has been lovingly tended by family and friends, I would rather see this than some of the sights at the local cemeteries with broken headstones and graves with nothing on them

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