Pretoria youth needs a free public skatepark.

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2011-06-02 19:35

A skateboarding park will be gladly apreciated here in pretoria



2011-06-02 20:04

Skate or dnt b killing us by making us compete on the streets with motorized 4 wheels nd security guards!!!



2011-06-05 22:14

Go zebs!! I'm totaly with him!! There need to be more skate parks in pretoria!!



2011-06-09 15:54

A public park should be built on the west-side of Pretoria, "skinner should be converted to a public skate-park" if its owned by the council. because building a public park in the Cbd of Pretoria town is unsafe for youngster to skate alone



2012-03-11 20:01

one in hatfield would be nice, blows my mind that there isnt one there, and yeah, the whole security gaurd, n car thing.. not fun to compete wit them hey, still do it but, would rather not :/



2012-04-18 23:21

theres a public skatepark in waverley, think its pretoria east but more skateparks in pretoria would be nice!


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2012-08-07 21:24

skate park in pta would be great Thrashers skate park is over full always


2013-01-23 18:17

pretoria youth really needs some skateparks. we do ot have enough.
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2014-04-04 14:27

Where are skinnners.