ACT Now: end the annual kangaroo slaughter

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2011-06-04 16:23

Scientific lies are used to justify this annual slaughter. It must stop now!



2011-06-04 16:48

FOOOK bloody bastards!! :(



2011-06-04 17:25

It is outrageous and disgusting to slaughter Kangaroos in the manner they are decimated.
Nothing about the slaughter is humane. Unless you shoot thousands of Kangaroos at once it is not humane not even the clubbing of the defenseless joeys or the joeys depending on their mother.
Killing the kangaroos one by one over a long period of time is cruel, barbaric and unacceptable.
Everyday the surviving animal has to wait for its turn to be massacred and becomes more traumatized the longer it survive
It is stressed out and does not eat. If the animal has not been killed he/she /it will return to the place where it was last with his/her family, friends and relatives and waits for them to come back.
It smells the blood etc. and calls for their mates.. and waits..and waits... If that is not cruel than what is it.
I also question where the Authorities get their Kangaroo population figures from to make up the number for slaughter.
On the Official Gov website it clearly shows that the Kangaroo numbers have been dwindling over the past 10 years.
Perhaps the Kangaroo slaughter is another job for certain boys???
I would like to have a real investigation into ACT`Kangaroo slaughters...



2011-06-04 19:03

Canberran's and Australian's in general need to stop being so damn passive on this. I find it quite disgusting and shameful that we as a Nation think that its perfectly okay to destroy our native wildlife and leave millions of baby animals orphaned to fend for themselves in the wild. What are we a bunch of rednecks. Its friggen disgusting!


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2011-06-04 19:04

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Of its lies its all about profit.



2011-06-05 01:59

Our government is disgusting! And the Libs would be no better. What is it about condoning animal suffering and slaughter that gets no attention? Oh I know they are not voters so they don't give a shit! Well guess what I am a voter and I give a shit!



2011-06-05 04:26

It is disgusting that these people are allowed to slaughter our unique wildlife.Kangaroos are there for all Australians n others to admire.Thanks to a few the Big Red is on the way to extinction.The cruel methods of killing the unique animals is also a disgrace.Bashing baby joeys up against a bullbar to kill it.Across Australia these beautiful mamals are being abused.



2011-06-05 07:04

Do something to STOP this horror to our beautiful Kangaroos. The Government will get away with what they want to if we do not react.
"All that is required for evil to pervail is for good people to sit back and do nothing" Edmund Burke/

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2011-06-05 21:19



2011-06-06 06:55

This HAS TO STOP!!!! There is absolutely NO REASON for this kind of senseless slaughter of these beautiful & innocent creatures. PLEASE have a heart & end this killing of these animals....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!



2011-06-06 12:14

we have the kangaroo on flags, money they are one reason why tourists come here, they are a native animal, stop this discusting and unforgivable.

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2011-06-06 12:53

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Its a pity Julia Gillard doesnt see the same for our kangaroos and she does for our beef going to such shocking slaughter houses.  We are just as bad as the Indonesians.



2011-06-07 07:49

Kangaroos have a right to live in their own country protected from greedy developers and psychopaths that get enjoyment from killing animals



2011-06-08 04:07

please stop slaughtering these beautiful animals, why are you killing these animals that represent Autralia, so many people come here just to see them, and you are killing them. We are so lucky to have them in our backyards, please save them so our kids kids can enjoy having them around too.



2011-06-08 05:18

Slaughtering our Kangaroos to put easy money in the pockets of the Government, shooters and processors has got to stop. People power is stronger than any Government, let's use it!



2011-06-10 11:33

Kangaroos are an icon in Australia. White man has been in this country approximately 200 years, how many species in this country have we already distroyed, shortly like many other species will be extinct. With the ever growing population of the human race, what chance has the animal kindom have.

We NEED to reduce or curb the HUMAN RACE for this planet to sustain us!!!!!OTHERWISE NONE OF US WILL EXIST!!!!!
mac mum


2011-06-12 08:54

this is disgusting,,,our kangaroos do their own culling when times are bad such as a drought,,,they keep the next joey invitro until feed is available,,,,,the national park and government should do some research into our animals



2011-06-12 10:15

This is the same as seal harp pup bashing, and whaling, no difference, but aussies mostly don't give a toss...Why?



2011-06-12 11:25

The Kangaroos are one of the national symbols of this great country Australia.
Kill off the kangaroos, And we might come around to your house, and PERSONALLY kill your beloved pets.
DON'T KILL or else. see how you would LOVE to take it aboard. ( to see with your own naked eye's)



2011-06-14 09:46

Kangaroos have lived on this earth without the need for management for many thousands of years. They are not a pest and are meant to be on this land - they are native. Stop the slaughter.



2011-06-16 00:40

Every year there is a kangaroo massacre going on in ACT parks and reserves and other places in Australia. The kangaroo killing violates the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. Animal rights must be respected just as human rights. The marsupials have the right to live just like any other living creature.
The practice of culling kangaroos is the act of genocide. Only the responsible federal government - the government that cares about its country's environment - can stop the killing of innocent marsupials. The moratorium on killing the marsupials must be imposed by the Australian Senate.



2011-06-24 09:43

Kangaroos are a huge part of Australia. Steve Irwin would not like this looking down from Heaven.



2012-03-12 05:40

It's time the ACT government stopped these annual and bloody 'culls' and instead put money into wildlife corridors, overpasses, exclusion fencing and took pride in our national icon instead of treating them like trash. I'm so ashamed to be Australian ...we could be doing a lot better than this.