Ban BPA in Baby Bottles

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2011-06-16 13:22

Please sign this petition to join us in the fight against this dreadful disease that has already taken too many of our loved ones.



2011-06-17 10:41

Please sign this petition it is importent for our children



2011-06-17 11:03

I believe people should be made totally aware of what is good for their health and what is not. It is wonderful that we can receive such information and we in return can pass it on to others.



2011-06-17 20:21

A very good petition i will get as many people to sign this as possible.



2011-06-21 13:41

Good work!!!



2011-06-21 20:29

Every woman/man should know about BPA in Baby Bottles



2011-06-22 12:52

dont deny, defy!