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2016-02-25 23:34

we wan forgiven in WORLDS



2016-02-25 23:39

He should be recognized as a profession athlete and be allowed to delay his military service till after he is done playing professional esports. He is a greater asset to his country by providing publicity for his country as an outstanding professional athlete.



2016-02-26 02:27

we're with you man!



2016-02-26 11:56

Keep up the good work, you WILL BE excused from the military ! #Believe :D



2016-02-26 13:35

Forgiven deserve it !



2016-02-26 16:39

A legend player deserve better than serving military .



2016-02-26 18:59

Be strong, you shown that u can grow as a person declining ur toxicity I know ur Greek resident and im Macedonian but E-sport shows diversity. Hope u STAY YOU ARE A GOD



2016-02-26 19:51

Its really a loss for a guy like that. Hes shown so much improvement and it will be a shame if he gets out of LCS for 9 months. No one should be forced to do something they dont want to do, especially if a person dedicates to doing something he loves. He is a man who will have a big carrier, so for him staying in LCS is simply a must. I hope we will make a change.



2016-02-27 01:55

I am forgivens biggest fan


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2016-02-27 03:03

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 you are fu ckin fyrom not macedonia cunt



2016-02-27 08:06

Because he's my favourite player and i dont want him to lose his job



2016-02-27 10:10

γιατι μπορω ρε



2016-02-27 11:35

we want forgiven at worlds ffs



2016-02-27 19:30

greek army sucks

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2016-02-28 22:18

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 even tho you say fyrom i respekt you becouse its fking history and you give a fk and we cant go with our lives and thats why people hate about history fking idiots i will say i dont hate any national or racial people becouse its not cool so get on with these stories you heard even i heard some stories man just get over it



2016-02-29 18:39

i want free forgiven . 1 of the best adc player in world . he will lost all and never return with same skills . military destroy his life .