Waterpolo, also for girls!

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2016-04-19 15:03

Look at the sport of Roller Derby, most if not all youth teams play in co-ed (mixed-gender) teams, and that's a full contact sport! In derby, everything is 'derby-owned' and arranged, so no 'authority' can just decide things like the waterpolo federation did in Belgium!



2016-04-19 17:41

Schande!!!! Laat sport een sport zijn, geeft de jeugd een kans ook al is het gemengd! Zij vormen tenslotte toch de basis voor de toekomst van de WATERPOLO!!!!!!!!



2016-04-19 20:26

It is absurd to restrict players from the sport they have chosen. Let the players decide.



2016-04-20 06:35

Out of sympathy



2016-04-20 13:59

It's just not fair to the girls who really like waterpolo!



2016-04-21 07:23

I think it's ridiculous that girls shouldn't play waterpolo anymore, no one in the club has a problem with it so it's pure discrimination.



2016-04-21 11:35

It´s sad to see things like this, with this they what are gonna get is that in the future instead of raising the popularity of our sport it will lower. I really think that those girls who have to give up their sport won´t come back after 4 years without practicing it, do we really want this?



2016-04-21 14:40

Oblideu els prejudicis i deixeu a les nostres filles practicar esport!!!!


2016-11-03 14:14

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2017-01-11 14:28

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